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  1. Vyom

    Found a way to make forum's dark theme even appealing

    So I saw this Dark Mode video by Linus Tech tips. I got to know about this firefox add-on which makes every site dark: Dark Reader — dark theme for every website So I tried it on the forum's dark theme. And found that it overrode the default colours pretty well. In fact it even solved the links...
  2. M

    Make Your Own Email List

    Hello :) At the point when searching for approaches to expand your web movement, make certain not to disregard the strategy that gloats one of the most astounding records of progress. With a normal 3800% rate of profitability, that technique is email advertising. Set apart from the disorder...
  3. Raaabo

    The 2017 Forum Improvement Suggestion Thread

    I know, I know... we've had these threads before and nothing came of them. This time I promise it will be different. This is a place for suggestions and also pointing out bugs. Try to be specific... instead of general "Change the theme" feedback, try finding a theme you like, and...
  4. Cyberghost

    Ubisoft is making a videogame theme park

    In a slight deviation from its usual business, Ubisoft has announced that it plans to open a theme park—I'm sorry, a 'next-generation' theme park—in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The studio envisions a 10,000 square meter indoor park with rides, shows, and more based on games and characters from the...
  5. adityak469

    Iconic Ringtones You Ever Discovered?

    What are the best/iconic ringtones you ever discovered? Notification sound counts too. (with links :D ) For me it there are two - Mario Theme Song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_QQNrRpvSE Spiderman Theme Song (TASM 2) -...
  6. Faun

    GTk3 Unity theme - Emily

    Working on a darker theme. Just a teaser for the time being. Lot more work to do.
  7. Faun

    TDF forum theme

    Dark and Light themes for the forum. Main ideas behind these two themes: 1. Keep the minimalism 2. Easy on eyes TDF Light Album on Imgur TDF Dark Album on Imgur How to apply/update the themes PS: Tested in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.
  8. rohitshakti2

    Customizing home screeen of mobiles using Next launcher

    Hi Currently my mobile Lava Iris 458q theme looks like this: I am trying to get this type of theme but can't. Can anyone help me get this type of theme for my mobile. I am using Next launcher 3.1 Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. anky

    windows 7 alienware

    hello everyone.. i have actually never used alienware laptops..but one of my friend uses windows 7 alienware on his compaq laptop.!!. i want to ask that can i get a theme of alienware windows ? what is the difference between normal windows 7 and alienware windows 7? (apart from looks)...
  10. S

    PC hangs when Win 7 aero theme is enabled...

    Hi , two days before my friend bought a second hand PC. Intel P4 3.2Ghz Asus G31M VS2 (3 months old with 3 yrs warrenty*) 160GB HDD (new) WD DVD RW 1GB DDR2 RAM Samsung Zebronics cabinet with 450 W smps(new) 15" CRT HP KB+Mouse For RS 7000 The problem began when we tried to install...
  11. Raaabo

    All new TDF - New features and theme suggestions

    I know this thread will go crazy... but that's to be expected in a democracy. Just try to not go too wild with suggestions, and ensure that you post a URL or a screenshot of a page/site where said feature has been implemented. Also, for a theme... ico will shortlist a few, and add screens and...
  12. Worried From Bugs

    IPL Windows 7 Themes

    Hello Digit Users, I have created 9 IPL team themes for Windows 7 users. If you are Windows 7 user then you can use it on your computer. Following are the themes: Chennai Super Kings Windows 7 Theme Deccan Chargers Windows 7 Theme Delhi Daredevils Windows 7 Theme Kings XI Punjab...
  13. S

    Icon changer

    I have sony ericsson cedar.i want the icon changer and menu orientation theme . Where can i get this ?pls rply.......
  14. bubusam13

    Help needed Drupal

    drupal >theme editor> Private File Directory not set I am getting this error while trying to use theme editor. I don't know how to set private directory.
  15. gurujee

    featured image shown as link in wordpress

    hi, i am new to wordpress & cms. recently working on my own site and used WP as CMS. using 'widely' of themes kingdom as my theme. almost everything is running OK till i worked on setting featured image. everytime i set one featured image it is shown as a link and thats why not appearing at...
  16. Vyom

    Intel India Embedded Challenge 2012

    Intel® India Embedded Challenge 2012 Prizes: I am not intelligent enough to participate, but I think, a few members can sure! :-D
  17. socrates

    Samsung Developers launches Theme Designer 2.0 with bada 2.0 support

    Samsung Developers launches Theme Designer 2.0 with bada 2.0 support
  18. win32.tr0jan

    Themes and Icon packages

    Which is the best theme and icon manager for XP,that does not compromise much on performance?
  19. Worried From Bugs

    Best Windows 7 Themes Hub - Self Creation

    I have created some of the best Windows 7 Themes, in this article will share them all. If you like my work do comment below. Amazing Spiderman Movie Theme for Windows 7 Download Micky Mouse Windows 7 Theme Download Donald Duck Windows 7 Theme Download Counter Strike theme for...
  20. S

    windows 7 theme setup

    i have some windows 7 theme which i downloded from torrent but i am unable to use it. How can i use the theme for my pc. Plz help.
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