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Test Cricket / 1 Day Matches / 20-20 ???

Which is the best???

  • Test Match...

    Votes: 3 8.6%
  • One Day Match...

    Votes: 11 31.4%
  • 20-20 Match...

    Votes: 21 60.0%

  • Total voters
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Hi Guys!

Cricket seems to be changing a lot and with every new change, it becomes more interesting. Theres 5 Day Test Matches, 50 Over One Day Matches and now in is 20-20...

Which do you think is the best, may it be in terms of entertainment or display of quality of a team.

I love 20-20 for the reason thats its short, dont have to sit glued to the TV set for the whole day and its aggressive.

Which one do you prefer???


i do like all
but 20-20 must be jus entertaining form of game but real game is in odi N test


The Devil
All three!!

After this 20-20 world cup, there will be even more runs in 50 over ODI. Batsmen will be more attacking in first 10-15 overs. 300 -350 will be common. Beware!!


God, seeing the One day between Ind and Aus and missing the T20 so much. It was so good, short and blasting...


I see right through you.
I don't like 20-20 that much at all. Too much adrenaline gives way to a lack of planning. My vote is for ODI.


Just another linux lover.
By the way, where is the option for "none"...

Just joking... (or am I???)

This should be included for all the players of India who plays for our nation (but not CRICKET) and dont get any recognition...And I am sure they all vote for "NONE"...

By the way, how many of us know that Vishy Anand (dont ask me who is he) is very very close to win the World Chess Championship...but who cares...Even news channels dont have the time for anyone who dont play cricket...What a shame...


P.S. : By the way I also love Cricket...but some latest events dragging me away from this game...
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