1. dashang

    Need help in Statistics problem

    Two teams A and B are playing a series of 5 matches. The team who wins the three or more matches will win the series. Assume that the outcome of the matches are independent and probability of winning for each team is 0.5. What is the probability that A will win 4 matches? 0.16 0.0016 0.97...
  2. S

    24inch Monitor/TV

    Need a 24 inch Monitor or TV for my bedroom 1. Budget : 15000INR 2. Display type and size : 24 inch prefer 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor : web browsing on PC, watching Movies on PC, watching TV Series on PC, Playing FIFA on PC and watching football matches on TV 4. Ports...
  3. M

    Help needed regarding tata sky hd-dvr.!!

    Hi people. I wanna know that how can i transfer recorded hd movies or series or matches or whatever to an external device or a pc or a pen drive or whatever.?? Pls Help. Thanx.
  4. koolbuddy92


    There's this ringtone which I really like, and I wanted the whole song. But the problem is I can't find it. The site from where I downloaded the ringtone claims it to be an NFS Carbon soundtrack, but I've checked all of'em and none matches it. Here's a link to the ringtone: Nfs_Carbon.mp3...
  5. A

    Great discount ebay this time

    Hi, While surfing found out info for those going to buy something from Ebay... Discount voucher for 500 Code "ICICIEMI55" with ICICI Card option...enjoyyyyyy P>S:came across this ...maybe people already know ..... In connection to my other thread.. One can get GALAXY SL I9003 For...
  6. S

    Any fm or radio station which has live audio commentary and live online

    I have seen few websites which offers live video streaming of cricket matches. Are there any indian radio or fm station which covers matches live and that can be heard online. Sometimes watching it is not possible so audio commentary will help i guess to know latest happening. thanks
  7. gaurav_indian

    Ashes Cricket 2009

    Ashes Cricket 2009 *
  8. N

    Getting cricket images for blog

    From where can I get royalty free images of cricketers & cricket matches to put on a cricket blog?
  9. A

    Problem comparing date in MS Access and c# query

    Reply Quote Vote Edit akshaycjoshi - Posted a few seconds ago Hi, I am developing one application which requires me to compare date.The dataabse being MS access 2003. When i execute the query in c# it does not show any record ,the date although matches with the date in database. Where...
  10. V

    Auto Requirement Check

    Is there any website that will automatically check that a PC Game minimum requirements matches with my PC configuration or not.. Plz help ASAP
  11. mailtorahul007

    Rate the Indian Bowlers....

    With the 20 20 matches getting more n more intersting.....rate our main bowlers who plays a very major role in te matches... Pls put the scores out of 10....
  12. go4saket

    Test Cricket / 1 Day Matches / 20-20 ???

    Hi Guys! Cricket seems to be changing a lot and with every new change, it becomes more interesting. Theres 5 Day Test Matches, 50 Over One Day Matches and now in is 20-20... Which do you think is the best, may it be in terms of entertainment or display of quality of a team. I love 20-20 for...
  13. Gigacore

    The CRICKET Channel

    Hi guys, i made this thread to discuss everything about cricket here. You can use this thread to inform some hot news about cricket and discuss about the upcoming, ongoing or finished cricket matches :)
  14. M

    live cricket match streaming ?

    Is it possible to watch live cricket matches ie streaming of live matches... if any one know link pls share it ......
  15. prasad_den

    Which Linux distro is best for you..??

    Check out the following site.. Answer the questions.. It'll then give you suggestions for choosing your linux distro...!! :D :D :D * We found the following perfect matches for you (that's me.!!) Mandriva Kubuntu Ubuntu
  16. P

    Portable players!!!??

    hi guys, which device do u think is the best Portable player. Most of the people says IPOD video. What do u think? Is there other devices that matches the performance of ipod but in a litter cheaper price?? PLZ GIVE ME UR SUGGESTIONS!!
  17. R

    Should sachin be sacked as like dada???????

    Should sachin be sacked as like dada???????He get's a hundred by playing 15 matches and again he scores 10,15,5 runs in follwoing matches so Should sachin be sacked as like dada???????
  18. D

    how 2 convert a file 2 executable format???

    I recently downloaded free version of Lemonade Tycoon 2 from, with the help of DAP 5.3. After completion of download when i opened the file, i saw that it was not an executable file, nd had no format. the size of the file matches wid dat said in da website. can ne...
  19. Hells_Fury

    Championship Manager Fans Unite here

    For the un-initiated, the CM series gives you control of a Soccer club. You have to manage the day - to - day activities of the club. You do not play any matches, but you play the role of a manager. You control team tactics, transfers, etc. You can watch the matches being simulated in 2-D. The...
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