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TeraCopy - A local file transfer accelerator

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Choto Cheeta

You have download managers, download accelerators, now you have a local file transfer accelerator, called TeraCopy… Which promises to speed up file transfer speed under you local Hard Drive…


Click here to download TeraCopy

The installation is straight forward… Once you install it, it attaches its link to the shell… So right click on a file for directory which you want to copy or move, and you may find the option TeraCopy, under your right click menu…


When you click on the TeraCopy link, it launches the TeraCopy application !!!


So as it seems that though the application says TeraCopy but still it has option not just to copy but to moe also, so click the CopyTo or MoveTo to either move or copy your files…


Once you select the location the application starts to copy or move your files which you have added !!!


It is a really good free application, you may use in many certain conditions such a you have a large amount of data at your primary HDD and you have a External USB / Firewire HDD in which you want to copy them all !!!

So in this application you may 1st build up a copy list then start the copy.. It really improves the productivity as with large amount of data you save a lot of time manually executing the select - copy - browse - paste command for a large file structure…



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In my own usage, while running on Windows Vista, I found no difference then the Windows inbuilt copy system.


looks like burst copy

only difference is ....it is freeware

will try
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its better than burstcopy-have been using since last 2weeks--it has pause option
speeds up-esp if u have to transfer between two hardisk--
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