Tata Sky + = More Jhingalala

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This is my perspective on the revolutionary Satellite TV service...Tata Sky Plus!

To put it simply, it is a service that will change the way you watch television forever. Tata Sky+ is a premium set-top box with a personal video recorder that allows you to record up to 45 hours of live TV. Tata Sky+ gives you the power to record one programme while watching another, pause a live telecast and even rewind a TV programme that you are watching. Thats a fantastic application of technology in consumer electronic products!

It is a new age product for the fast generation who don’t have to fight for the remote any more. It allows you to do the following things:
  • Play or Pause or Rewind a channel
  • You can record a show and watch at a later stage.
    You can pre-programme the Digi-comp to record a show at particular time and you can see the programme at your convenience.
  • There is an inbuilt hard disk of 160 GB (that’s humongous). You can actually record 45 hours of Live TV!
  • One can record channels like discovery, cartoon network which offers their service in different languages. Once you record a serial you can choose from languages supported.
  • It has some other features like space management, back to back recording, automatic serial series recording, parental lock and much more.
  • Price of the Box is around Rs 8999
I think its absolute value for money, as the features it provides more than compensate the price at which they come, and also the fact that no other DTH service provider provides these features.

On its face, seems a bit expensive, but when you actually think the value that it provides in that price...you dont really feel its expensiveness!


Isn't the feed encrypted?

I think it won't be possible to view the recorded content unless the set top box is used.


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ya true... it would be a little mistake if one goes on its face value.. the features are cool.. dad is planning to buy one DTH and ditch the cable guy but there are lots a options available.. so getting difficult which one to choose.. just one question. Does this TataSky + give Full HD output.. is it capable?


HD feed is not provided by any channel in India as yet, so even if the recorder allows you to record HD you can't use it as now. And you won't be able to store enough HD data on just 160GB hard disk space?
I currently own Tata Sky. It sucks. If I had a better PC, I would have never have agreed to my dad buying it. Sadly, due to my pathetic rig, I had to get Tata Sky for TV Viewing. I don't know how adding recording facility will help make tata sky plus so highly super great. They are big time cheaters and rip people off their money. Never ever make the mistake of getting tata sky. Its for n00bs who are willing to get ripped off.


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are ye sab chhodo yaron....take our desi cable connection... use any TV capture/tuner card from Pinnacle.... and split the connection in your home... enjoy Diff. channels on diff. TVs.. (i mean... Tv/PC ) ..You can split the connection as you wish... and watch diff. shows...

Pinnacle is giving better quality and recording options...You can use third party softies like Chris TV... which supports MP4 (Xvid/Divx etc...) direct recording... you can tune bitrates andall settings... isnt its amazing?

i mean... why you need to throw away 9000 rs when you can get TV capture in like 3k? which is good quality,with remote control,radio etc features... :)

tell me..wht you gonna do? I think TV capture card is best option in lower price..and better quality.... and don't tell me HD HD... because we dont have any channel giving HD support yet on Tatasky/dishtv/big tv any.... :)

so better record your TV in PC and burn it on DVDs...watch you fav muvs and serials on DVDs then :) [That 'national' DVDs... 9rs each... ;) ]

^^One more thing: use VLC Media Player to watch TV. There, in filters, you can apply PostProcessing filter at level 6, and perhaps repeat the chain multiple times. This will make your local cable wallah signal look much better than Tata Sky. All you need is a 1.5K TV Tuner Card. And yeah, VLC can record video non-stop while you watch the video at leisure.
Nope! atleast in my understanding its not possible
Hell yeah it is.

VLC is not just a media player, its a full fledged streaming server solution which is used in many places. Plus, with a powerful FFMPEG backend, it can enhance the apparent quality of videos using a filter known as postprocessing.


^Gautam, I do believe what you say. Can you post a tut or some topic on how to do this. Will he helpful to lots of other members too.



The correct equation is
TataSky = Total Crap EPIC BullShit.

DVD quality. ROFL. Pure Lie.
If you watch a dvd on HD 1080p LCD and TS on the same, you will then know what's DVD quality. That too with HD Upscaling Turned off in DVD player.

TS should provide at least 720p HD up scaling via Set Top Box ! Then only we can say something.
Also costly esp for south indians.


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They(Tata sky) dont even has the S-video out which is quite essential for quality video output if at all not the component output for discrete video signals.
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