1. ax3

    Tata Photon !!!

    hi, any1 using Tata Photon ... its a wireless 3g dongle ... how do i change dns ??? thanx
  2. tkin

    Any TATA Credit Card users here? Need help

    Hey guys, If there are any TATA Credit Card users here I need your help. I have two questions. 1. TATA Card is a partnership with SBI card, so does SBI card offers apply for TATA Cards? Like the upcoming SBI Card offer in Flipkart Big Billion day sale? Reference...
  3. K

    Ratan Tata Buys Stake in Chinese Phone Maker Xiaomi

    source- Ratan Tata Buys Stake in Chinese Phone Maker Xiaomi - NDTVProfit.com Just thought it was interesting news and felt I could share
  4. patkim

    Tata Photon Plus - Too slow.

    I have Tata Photon Plus that I use occasionally in Mumbai / Pune area. It has taken me back to old days of 56kbps modem (even worst). Lot of times all I see is ‘Waiting for’ or ‘Resolving host’ etc in browser status bar!! Suddenly one fine moment they load (full or incomplete) and again back to...
  5. LegendKiller

    Best internet dongle for NCR

    I recently bought a new laptop for both my work and home purpose and i want to buy a internet dongle. I live in Ghaziabad and my office in CP New Delhi I was not happy with my tata docomo dongle as it's speed was poor. Please tell the cost and best connection speed.
  6. swatkats

    Tata Docomo New Pan India 50Mbps Plans Make Some Sense for Internet Addicts

    Was checking Tata docomo broadband plans and i suddenly Stumbled up on this. There are two excellent FTTH lightning plans, Suited for Fanatics who are wishing to Spend over 3k for Fastest Internet Speeds on Par with ISP's like Beam. 50mbps with 200Gb FUP and 1mbps POST FUP speeds for...
  7. ax3

    crocko.com is it down

    hi, cannot download files from crocko.com ... if i try with https, after countdown nothing showsup just blank pg ... does it happen with u ??? am using tata docomo as isp ... else how do i download from this site ??? thanx
  8. M

    Router for Reliance Wired Broadband Internet + Tata photon or any 3G/4G

    Dear All I have Reliance Wired Broadband Internet,reliance have provided ZTE ZXDSL 831 II modem (Prodcut -ADSL modem) & have tata photon dongle,i am planning to get router which will support reliance broadband and tata photon To use internet connection I need to login on a reliance broadband...
  9. GhorMaanas

    To dispose off old STB

    Hello fellows! i have a tata sky sd stb. i had upgraded to its hd+ stb in 2011, and the sd stb is lying packed in its box since then, as initially i had planned to use it with my pc, but that didn't happen. i now want to dispose it off. wanted to know whether it could be sold to anyone, and if...
  10. ax3

    Tata Docomo users

    hi, got this tata docomo 3g connection with 4gb plan ... & 2 my fright used up 4gb in just 8 days ... now speed is just 5-6 kBps (sucks) ... they want me 2 buy new mb pack to increase speed ... any1 using tata docomo ???
  11. V

    Need suggestions to buy an ADSL Wireless router

    Hi, please suggest an ADSL wireless router for a LAN with 50 users. it should have MAC filtering to block internet for some systems. i checked Dlink DSL-2750U, TP-LINK TD-W8968, and netgear N300 but non of them supports MAC filtering. Digisol DG-BG4300N has this feature, but is that brand...
  12. T

    i want to share my tata photon through wifi

    hi, i want to router my tata photon plus net through wifi router, i did a search on google, but available router only support 3g modem, is there any router available in market which can support tata photon plus, price range not more than 1500
  13. P

    TV on mobile with Tata Sky's app?

    Got my hands on this leaked image online. Looks like Tata Sky is soon to launch an app with which you can watch TV on mobile phone. It shows the app telecasting some TV channel on it. I don’t know whether it is a new app or an update. It would be really great to watch TV on mobile and it seems...
  14. ratul

    Best ISP in Magarpatta City, PUNE

    I recently shifted to Pune in Magarpatta City, and the guys here are using hathway currently, good download speeds, upto 1MBps, but crappy upload speeds, 0.6mbps, and there are frequent connection drops too, speed ain't that constant too.. So we are looking for the best and most reliable ISP...
  15. RON28

    Tata Docomo giving 3G speeds in 2G packs for 7 days

    Hello today i got this message from Tata docomo, getting 3G speeds from today morning
  16. shreymittal

    Tata Docomo [BB]

    Hey Guys, anybody using Tata Docomo BB here. If using please tell me about the service. How is your experience and all. I.m thinking to get 2Mbps UL plan @1999/-
  17. TheMost

    Purchasing basic modem

    Hello people for the past 8 years I have been using airtel and was using my tata indicom modem (XAVi) for these days. Also I have setup a combo with a new Wi-Fi router ASUS RT-N13U REV.B1 in recent years.. This combo of tata indicom modem + ASUS WiFi worked fine .. Now I have availed a new bsnl...
  18. cutemug

    Help needed - DOCOMO sim not working with Nokia Asha 210

    Hi, Had purchased a Nokia Asha 210 Dual sim phone five days ago from a local dealer in my city, The problem is when I insert my TATA DOCOMO sim in it, it shows "Registration Failed" :aaargh: Whereas the TATA DOCOMO sim works perfectly fine in other phones, Also my IDEA sim works...
  19. Generic Superhero

    Tata Photon Plus not detected in Windows 8 suddenly

    A Tata Photon plus modem (olive vme 102) was working fine on a Windows 8 Samsung laptop and a Windows 7 desktop. Sometimes the modem software acts up and an uninstall-reinstall sets it right. The last time I uninstalled it on my laptop and proceeded to reinstall, the laptop refused to detect the...
  20. R

    Connecting Tata Sky HD+ , Sony LED TV KDL 46"HX750 & Sony BDV-E690 ( 5.1 Ch Home Theatre )

    Hi Recently I purchased the above 3 items from different shops and a different guy came to install every one of the items. Before the Home theatre could be installed I had to leave for Mumbai and couldn't see its installation happening in front of me. Now tata sky was connected to the LED...
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