1. Zangetsu

    RIP CyanogenMod, Welcome LineageOS

    Cyanogen Inc shutting down CyanogenMod nightly builds and other services, CM will live on as Lineage Source: Cyanogen Inc shutting down CyanogenMod nightly builds and other services, CM will live on as Lineage [Updated] Cyanogen services shutting down
  2. ico

    AMD Ryzen thread

    AMD showed Blender and Handbrake demos recently and the 8C, 16T Ryzen barely edged the similarly clocked 8C, 16T Intel i7-6900K. What are your expectations? Finally some competition?
  3. D

    How to remove Youtube Channel name from Live ID?

    Hello Guys, Could you please provide solution to remove youtube channel name from Live ID. Whenever I email someone it displays my channel name on other side instead of my name on email account. I tried finding it on account setting but no luck. Please give some solution to it. Regards
  4. P

    Software for doing live streaming

    I've been playing Dota 2 with my friends recently, and would like to use the live streaming showing how good I am and also recording the game play for discussing strategy afterwards. Could someone recommend me software? I hope it’s not very difficult or complicated to use.
  5. A

    Live weather wallpaper

    Hi guys 1. I want to use a live wallpaper which changes according to the weather set. 2. I want raining live wallpaper and a wiper cleans the screen (like stuff). Can u help
  6. Cyberghost

    Live anthrax inadvertently shipped by U.S. military

    Live anthrax inadvertently shipped by U.S. military Washington (CNN) - Four lab workers in the United States and up to 22 overseas have been put in post-exposure treatment after the U.S. military inadvertently shipped live anthrax samples via...
  7. M

    Need 1.5 Ton split AC

    Guys my room is 13*12 ft and is exposed to direct sunlight what tonnage I need? I live in a humid area.Usage will be 8-12hrs. plz suggest some models. My budget is 45-50k.
  8. Cyberghost

    You won’t need Xbox Live Gold to play online on Windows 10

    You won’t need Xbox Live Gold to play online on Windows 10 Microsoft has confirmed that playing online games on Windows 10, including cross-play titles, won’t require Xbox Live Gold. Integrating the Xbox platform into Windows 10 will not result in users needing to pay for an Xbox Live...
  9. mukherjee

    Pause live TV in Dishtv tru HD+

    I recently acquired a new Dishtv truHD+ connection at my place. Since it has the USB recording function claiming to have "live pause TV" function, I did not find any detailed procedure for pausing tv in the supplied manual. The remote has all the buttons for recording (play, pause...
  10. V

    PSU suggestion needed for my rig

    My system specs are as follows: I5 4460 R9 270x 2tb hdd+120gb ssd 8gb ram Dvd writer Dell st 2240 21.5 inch I live in Delhi but power cuts for around 10 secs in evening and I constantly worry that my pc will shutdown while I am doing something important. Please help.
  11. T

    How do I Record/ Download a Live Youtube Event?

    What is the best way to record a live Youtube event, because I'm pretty sure it will not be uploaded again once it has been broadcast. 1) Any software to capture the live stream? 2) Not so good alternative: Sit with the stream open adn record a portion of my browser window. If there is a...
  12. S

    hdd data recovery

    I have WD 320 GB hard disk .It is corrupted and is not seen in system.How can i recover its data.please tell.I live in mumbai.So where to recover the data and how much will be the cost for recovering. Please help
  13. TechnoBOY

    Best pace you ever live .

    which is the best place you lived in?? best place for me was UAE
  14. mikael_schiffer

    Do you pretend to be a theist (Christian/Hindu/Muslim etc)??

    Just wanted to know if i was the only one...Cuz i belong to a very very strict and obnoxiously orthodox Christian society where even our State laws are drafted by church elders (Mizoram). Sale & Consumption of Liquor is prohibited because the church elders said so..however Mizoram is the...
  15. Skyh3ck

    Wifi connected but no internet browsig on Ubuntu 14.04 LIVE and Linux mint 17 LIVE !!! Help

    Hi guys i am using live usb of Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux mint, my laptop is a Lenovo B490 with Broadcom wifi adapter, on both the distros i am able to connect to the wifi and its showing as connected, but i am not able to browse the net with firefox or any other broser there is no incoming data...
  16. tamatarpakoda

    Mobile streaming services anyone

    1. Do any of you guys watch streaming videos on your phones? 2. To be more specific, we all have access to Youtube but when it comes to TV channels do you use any service to access live TV streams? 3. How much of your monthly data usage goes towards video streaming?
  17. anirbandd

    Dead PS3

    My PS3 just died. Rip ps3. It has served me for a long 5 years, working tirelessly in extreme hot weather, dust and for 9-10 hours at stretches. Yes. It served me well. Now... What to do with it? It has no resale value.. But since i live at a PG i want to offload it fast and get the slim one...
  18. josin

    Some questions about Avermedia Live Gamer Portable C875

    I am in need of a portable caputre card for laptop like Avermedia Live Gamer Portable C875. So any one owns this thing? Can I record the out put (mpeg 4) of a DTH st top box's full HD content using this one?
  19. srkmish

    Apple Event Live Blog/Streaming Oct 22

    AnandTech | Apple Event (October 2013) - Live Blog Apple - Apple Events - Special Event October 2013 Well be seeing Ipad 5, ipad mini 2 , New ipods, New mbp and new Imac :D . The event will start at ~ 10:30 PM IST
  20. eggman

    Residents of Kolkata , Please help

    Hello I'm moving from Bangalore to Kolkata (for a year or two) .Kindly help me with few of my queries. My office is in DLF IT Park in Rajarhat. What is the best area to live nearby (10-20 mins travel on Bike is acceptable ). My requirements : 1 BHK flat or 1BK flat. Area: 450 - 600...
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