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hi all,

could you guys please suggest me a headsets with mic that cost less than rs. 1500.

i'll be primarily using it for skype chatting and then for listening to some music. i'm not an audiophile :-D


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for that price you can look for some models in Phlips.
but i think these models come with out the mic.
so what you can do is buy one of these and then buy a mic.(it may exceed you budget).

But if you do not want to do that, you can buy a normal headphones with mic. it should not cost you more than Rs 500.

There are many companies. you can try any planet M or music world or any computer shop.


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Altec AHS 515 is a gud one. It has earcub design, though not a large one. And got a noice canselling mic. its for 1200/-
Or AHP 502i too is also gud with much better earcups nd speakers.It costa 1050/- but the mic of the former will be better nd headset speakers of latter will be better.

Logitech Steroe 250 USB is a gud one, but ots costly @ around 1800/-
or logitech premium stereo headset too is gud nd is sleek too on design. Its around 950/-,en


i picked up one Altec Lansing last month from pune, for 900/-. it has a 'Behind the Neck' design and 'Certified for Skype' (as if that really matters ;) ) It came with 2 sets of colorful covers.. so that you could change them to suite your clothing or whatever. The headphone collapsible and can easily fit into a shirt pocket.. it will bulge though..

Cant tell you the model name, coz the headphone as such doesnt bear it and pack has been emptied from the recycle bin even.

The headphone is performing pretty well.. neodynium speakers are superb. only one small hitch.. they dont fit snugly on to my ears which reduces the punch of the music.

That said, I am now looking for a nice surround sound headphone.. budget upto 15k - give or take a couple of thousands. Any suggestions??
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