1. S

    circumaural headphones with mic for Rs.1000

    My friend needs a headphone with mic. He is not into iems. Preferably circumaural headphones with mic. The budget is 1000 max extendable to 1300. The use is for chatting and some music ( mainly desi songs). Please suggest a good model. thanks in advance guys.
  2. bubusam13

    Headphone for chatting

    I need a headphone with mic basically for chatting. The mic should not be on cord and the mic arm should be long enough to reach my mouth. And should me comfortable. I don't want too cheap or too costly. Please suggest me one. I have some headphones, one of frontech. After using it for some...
  3. M

    Using DigiCam as WebCam?

    Can I use my Sony DSC W50 DigiCam as WebCam for chatting purposes? If so, how? Please help....
  4. Rockstar11

    Headset with Mic?

    Hello.. could you guys please suggest me a good Sound Clarity Headset with Mic that cost less than Rs.650. Lightweight and comfortable design.. using it for voice chatting and listening to music. What are the Best and Cheap brand of Headset with Mic?
  5. ╬Switch╬

    Internet phone...

    Guys, I'm looking for a phone which a decent browser with a large screen and a music player, my budget is 8-10K. What do you suggest. I will be using it mainly for accessing moblie apps like gmail, and browsing sites (a big screen) and maybe chatting and for listening to music (so a 3.5mm would...
  6. P


    I wish to buy a descent webcam,1.3MP or more..along with a headfone+mic for video chatting purposes..within 1.5K.. for the headfone+mic,,i prefer less qeight,,ergonomic ones,,than heavy,,cramped ones..sound quality not much of a concern,as to be used only for chatting... c'mon sumthin!!!
  7. virus_killer

    Want to record Live webcam chatting conversation.

    Geeks, I was just wondering that is there any free (or paid) applications which allows you to record live web cam chatting? It would be for MSN or Yahoo messenger. Any reply would be highly appreciated.
  8. zegulas

    Why is yahoo full of bots?

    Nowadays we cant find real people in the chat room anymore. Why doesn't yahoo do something about it? Is there any place where we could enjoy chatting just like we used to a few years back?
  9. avtarkaint

    tell me the procedure

    i want a software to capture video from web cam whom i m chatting from, is it possible if yes tell me the procedure to record it
  10. dhanusaud

    What is booting in Yahoo????

    Few days ago I was chatting a fellow. I was joking with him and he got angry. He said that he will boot me, "okay boot" me I said. Suddenly I was logged off Yahoo. I logged on again and start chatting with him, again I was logged off. Tried several times but problem was the same. No matter...
  11. go4saket

    IP address of chatting person???

    Hi Guys! Is it possible to find the IP address of the person whom we are chatting with? Thank you.
  12. CadCrazy

    Voice Chatting Application for W810i

    I need a java based voice chatting software for my Sony Ericsson W810i. Plz suggest any good IM client with voice chatting through mobile.
  13. S

    suggest a good headphone

    hi all, could you guys please suggest me a headsets with mic that cost less than rs. 1500. i'll be primarily using it for skype chatting and then for listening to some music. i'm not an audiophile :-D
  14. ramsingh

    Webcam for chattin in YM

    suggest a good Webcam for Rs 400-500 which will be used for chatting.. with my family.. cmmn guys..suggest a good webcam..
  15. A

    what is risk factor with Gtalk?

    hi Guys, as earlier i was cheat by yahoo messenger ..some hacker stole my account details while chatting and it was a great headache for me.. so here i want to know is there some risk factor with Gtalk also if yes how can we save currently i am using kaspersky internet security and...
  16. ilugd

    Google Group Chat

    Group chat Chat with multiple people without multiple windows. Invite your friends to a group discussion. To start a group chat, click 'Group chat' from the 'Options' menu when chatting. this from google help cool huh?
  17. hullap

    the chat thread

    i'm quite bored and i thought that there is no IRC here so this is for chatting. ok i'll start-wil this be a USEFULL thread:)
  18. faraaz

    Linux compatible Webcams

    Hi, I'm thinking of picking up a Logitech web cam... *,de I want to know if it is good, and also if it is compatible with Ubuntu?? I'm going to be using Ubuntu 7.10 with it, once it gets released of...
  19. M


    can u help me with bluetooth chatting
  20. R

    IM and Broadband

    Can anyone give me an idea, approx. how much data usage takes place in one hour of chatting via Any Instant Messenger? With/without voice etc. Thanx.
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