1. AudioGeek

    [For Sale] Headphones, Earphones, Amps - All Brand New

    For Sale are Audiophile Headphones, Earphones, Amplifiers which are Brand New in box, never used. Best prices you could ever get in India, Guaranteed. No other can even come close to my prices. Model number, details & Expected Price: IEM's: Ultimate Ears UE900S - 25,000 Noble Audio Savannah...
  2. V


    1. *Model number and details: NAD VISO HP50 (White) 2. *Date of purchase: It was a gift. Received it today brand new. Just unboxed to check if everything was intact. 3. Reason for sale: I am not an audophile or a pro sound guy. Need the money for my new PC. 4. Warranty details: Usually, they...
  3. R

    Advise for Speaker System

    Heyy Everyone, Need a bit of suggestion. I am planning to by a Speaker system within a budget of 20K. Must be able to connect to TV (HDMI / optical/ coaxial or 3.5 mm auxiliary connections) and bluetooth. Looks for a some good options. I zeroed into a few devices but still need feedback /...
  4. A

    Audiophilia: Meetup group for audiophiles

    I've started a Meetup group for audiophiles. It is absolutely free. Members of this forum are welcome to join the group and make it their own. Link: Audiophilia (Audiophile Heaven) - Also, feel free to join the Whatsapp group. Send a request to +91-9910623813. Thank You...
  5. josin

    An Operating System for Audiophiles.....

    An Operating System for Audiophiles.....Reinvent your old hardware and make it a stunning Hi-Fi Yes you heard it right....There is an OS for you. Its called Audiophile Linux (based on Debian mint) Well every one knows windows is not for an audiophile....of-course you can use wasapi /asio...
  6. Knight2A4

    Audiophile products online store In India

    Just wanted to ask this. Was only able to find only a few online sites though google so thought to post a tread about it. already found 1. Pristine Note 2. Pro Audio home 3. 4. Audiostore - The Best Place To Buy Audio In India | About The Audiostore - I know there are other...
  7. acidCow

    Headphones - about 3k for casual use.

    [CLOSED]Headphones - about 3k for casual use. So I've NEVER bought any headphones/earphone in my life. Always used the ones that came with the phones. Now that my neo V's earphones are off, I need a new pair of headphones ( was first looking for earphones but since I'll also be using them for...
  8. X

    HeadPhones from USA; Dilema.

    So my father has gone to USA and i am thinking of buying a headphone from there for about $100 or under. Maybe something like Audio Technica ATH-AD700 or ATH M50 or Sennheiser HD280. Now i would be primarily using them with my laptop (Dell XPS 15) for music and movies and some gaming. (I also...
  9. KDroid

    Headphone Buying Advice Required | Budget ~ 1k1

    Headphone Buying Advice Required | Budget ~ 1k I'm in search for decent headphones. Mainly for watching movies & listening to Music. Not much of an audiophile. Will use 'em for about an hour a day. Budget's 1k. Max Budget = 1.2k :) Products in consideration: Philips SHP2700, Sennheiser HD201
  10. A

    Cowon C2, Sansa Clip+, IEMs

    Hi there! I plan to buy a dedicated MP3 player, and have been searching for almost a month now. The choices eventually narrowed down to the Cowon C2 and the Sansa Clip+ (with the D2+ being a close competitor). I currently own a Galaxy S II & iPod Touch, pairing them with my Klipsch S4i's...
  11. axes2t2

    Recommend a budget headset for FPS gaming

    As the title says I need a headset.My max budget is 1500/-. I am not a audiophile so mostly use it for gaming as to not disturb others in my house.
  12. cute.bandar

    are these headphones any good

    Philips Shh4520 MP3 Headphones gifts in india at rediff shopping. for normal usage for a guy who is not an audiophile .
  13. N

    [FS]M-Audio Audiophile 2496 ASIO 2.0 Sound Card-Another1

    Selling another Audiophile 2496. This is not the one that i sold earlier.i had 2 of these in my rig Purchased for 5800 + tax from Lynx I have the bill,box ,accessorries This is a pro card meant for recording-no creative card can provide that quality.this is NOT a gaming does provide...
  14. S

    suggest a good headphone

    hi all, could you guys please suggest me a headsets with mic that cost less than rs. 1500. i'll be primarily using it for skype chatting and then for listening to some music. i'm not an audiophile :-D
  15. moshel

    Audiophile Headphones

    hey guys im on the lookout for new headphones.......budget is 5k.... i want headphones with real good quality........audiophile to be precise..... i checked out bose but they are way tooo expensive... earlier i had seen over the ears headphones which had like 5.1 channel surround and...
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