1. H2O

    Gaming Laptop Around 70k

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Rs 70,000 INR. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen. 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Gaming, Multimedia & Browsing. But primarily gaming...
  2. M

    Bluetooth Earphones/headphones for gym purpose

    Hi, I need a good bassy bluetooth head/ear phones in 2k range (Mic not a requirement) for primarily working out. Please suggest me one. Thanks and regards, Mandar
  3. I

    How's LG 23MP47HQ IPS LED Monitor

    Hi all, I just found this monitor(LG 23MP47HQ IPS LED Monitor Price in India - Buy LG 23MP47HQ IPS LED Monitor Online - and it seems to be a good buy for the specifications. Does anyone here have any experience with it or the company? I'll primarily be using it for reading...
  4. P

    Budget Laptop for General use and occassional Photoshop

    Hi I need help around a new computer purchase that will be used primarily for general use and occassional photoshop Primarily looking for a laptop that should last for atleast 4-5 years in terms of configuration The basic details are provided below. 1) What is your budget? (INR or...
  5. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions for In-Ear Phones between 1k-5k.

    My current earphones Brainwavz M1 has gone bad and hence I'm looking for a new pair of In-Ear Phones. Will be primarily used to listen to Hindi and other regional movie songs. Focus is primarily on good bass. Kindly share your suggestions. - - - Updated - - - Guys anyone?
  6. rohitshubham

    Help Required for triple boot

    Hey, I want to install redhat 6 to my computer system which has windows 7 and fedora 18 already installed... I was wondering whether GRUB2 on fedora 18 will support redhat6 which primarily boots with grub1. What kind of options will i have to use while installing redhat
  7. Flash

    Lifeless Planet

    Lifeless Planet is an Indie game created by the company Stage 2 Studios. The game has been in development since 2011 and is primarily the product of the one developer: David Board. kk6Ztep7ymg
  8. summers

    AOC i2353PH 23" IPS Monitor

    Any idea about this monitor...?? I am considering to buy it for my new desktop, primarily used for movies / day to day work / gaming. Is 23" monitor too big for gaming purposes...??
  9. soumo27

    IEM required for 700-900 :D

    Need a new In Ear type Headphone, primarily for Gaming. Can stretch price up to 1k :D Primarily Feature required: - Noise Cancellation and Good Bass. :wink: Will prefer to buy online from Flipkart or Pristine-Note :)
  10. M

    upgrade question

    i want to upgrade from a phenom II 925. i am in a dilemma whether to choose a 1100t or fx 8120. the 1100t is supposed to be on par with 2600k and 980x when oc'd to 4+ghz.. uses primarily are video encoding and adobe suite(photoshop,premiere, after effects) help guys.. mobo- m5a97 pro...
  11. V

    Keyboard Amplifier suggestion..

    Hello Friends, I have a Yamaha PSR i425 keyboard. currently i connect it to my Logitech z623 speakers. however on more than 60% volume, there is distortion in the voice. So I m looking for a keyboard amplifier, budget 10-12 k (+2 k if something really good). my primary requirement is clarity...
  12. A

    slow laptop

    hi folks i have a v 3000 compaq laptop with 120 gb,1 gb ram and turion tm 64 processor brought 2 yr ago. i want to increase the processor speed primarily for faster internet connectivity.what can i do.can i go in for a faster processor and if so which one.where do i get the work done- with a hp...
  13. ajayritik

    Best Sports shoes?

    I'm planning to buy a sports shoe. I will mostly use it to wear for gym for jogging etc. Apart from this it would be good if its trendy so that I can wear it outside as well but primarily it will be for exercising! My budget is less than 2k. I think popular brands are Reebok, Addidas and Nike. I...
  14. S

    suggest a good headphone

    hi all, could you guys please suggest me a headsets with mic that cost less than rs. 1500. i'll be primarily using it for skype chatting and then for listening to some music. i'm not an audiophile :-D
  15. U

    Suggest mobo+cpu ...

    Hey fellas Please suggest a mobo and cpu combo, preferably for Intel. My budget is around 10k and I will primarily use it for gaming. Thanks
  16. royal

    Best 5.1 within 10K

    hi all, can u suggest me a 5.1 speaker within 10k? :( It is to be used primarily for gaming and DVD movie watching... 8) I want it to be from Logitech/ Altec Lansing ( i think Creative speakers in this range r primarily for audiophiles ) ... I am also game for Artis speakers but plz...
  17. A

    E-mail via GPRS Settings For Nokia 6820

    hey guys, Anyone here accessing email via GPRS on airtel? If u are or if u happen to know the settings then please post them! mail is what i want primarily...any other settings are also welcome... I asked the guys at customer care....they...
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