1. H

    Wifi issues for Dlink AC750 DIR-803

    Hey Guys, I have been using Dlink AC750 DIR-803 D-Link Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router for the past two years. Lately I have been facing wifi issues. I use the 2.4 ghz band for my mobile phones, laptop and PS3. The 5.0 ghz band is for television. And the desktop is connected via lan port on...
  2. patkim

    Using Extension box at UPS output

    As per what APC recommends, you should not connect extension box/surge protector to the output of APC home UPS. Is there any real harm in doing that? Has anyone used it in that way? I am likely to purchase a 600VA UPS for my desktop. I will be connecting desktop, monitor & router to it. I can...
  3. S

    Need help buying an android tv box!

    I am looking forward to buy an led tv but my budget doesn't allow me to buy an android tv. After searching i found out about android tv boxes. Like the mxq prologic. Or the vuuv x96 and other such devices. Which one would the experts prefer? And i specifically want an android device so that i...
  4. B

    Manage internet connections through modem

    Hello Friends, We have a TP Link modem at home. It connects to two pc's via lan and to several devices via wifi. Since the exam season is on, can we block access to one pc connected via lan and few devices connected via wifi say when the kids are supposed to be studying their rooms? The...
  5. akhilc47

    USB devices not detected in windows 7 except kb and mouse

    Hi, I just assembled a new PC with GA-150M-D3H motherboard and installed windows 7 using a pendrive. But after installation PC is not detecting any USB storage devices. Kb and mouse are working fine, but I tried 1 external hdd and several pendrives but none are working. When I go to bios...
  6. A

    new router needed

    Please suggest good adsl wifi router with .. - ability to control bandwidth to other devices on the network - have something like Guest Access - WPS button I have a desktop, 3 android phones 1 printer 1 laptop and a tablet connected on the network (all may not be on at the same time, this is...
  7. A

    Router Tweking

    Need help.. Is it possible to set the router (Netgear N150 adsl wifi), in such a way that the main pc gets all the speed and the other devices like other laptops phones etc connected to it gets limited/specified speeds ?
  8. izzikio_rage

    Tplink W8968 v2 : Max 8 wifi connections? how to increase

    Hi Everyone Got a Tplink W8968 some time back and using it with a BSNL connection. Have updated to the latest firmware V2 140514. My issue is that it allows only 8 wifi devices to connect simultaneously. After that the devices either don't connect at all or give an authentication error...
  9. bssunilreddy

    SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Launched Starting at Rs. 2,790

    Hai, SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Launched Starting at Rs. 2,790 SanDisk has launched the Connect Wireless Stick in India in its 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB...
  10. M

    Bugdet Phone advice...

    Ok first of all sorry for reposting the same question...i know its irritating... But, after extensive search on the web for the past couple of weeks...its has become clear to me, that the budget segment is trying to punch way above its weight and lacks in some key areas (even as basic as...
  11. rakesh_sharma23

    ASUS RT-AC3200 Tri-Band Wireless-AC3200 Gigabit Router Review

    ASUS RT-AC3200 Tri-Band Wireless-AC3200 Gigabit Router Review ASUS one of the leading names in networking, has released a new Tri-Band Wireless-AC3200 Gigabit Router the RT-AC3200 that features one of the fastest combined data rate available with any router on the Indian market...
  12. slashragnarok

    PC freezing and USB turns off

    Okay so, since last night I'm facing a problem with my PC. CPU: i5 2500k Mobo: ASUS P8Z68 V Pro RAM: GSkill Ripjaws 4 GB x 2 1600 MHz GPU: Zotac GTX 960 Amp! (2 months old) USB keyboard mouse PSU: Corsair TX850 V2 Windows 7 Ultimate Edition No overclocks Everything's working fine...
  13. Zangetsu

    Issues in my Android devices

    I hope this is the right section for posting. Ok, so let me give u the details. I own One Plus One and HTC One V Android smartphones OS I use on desktop is Windows 8.1 Problem#1: my HTC One V is 3yr old now so is giving me battery problems...thought of installing custom ROM as it was already...
  14. M

    Server unreachable/ DNS server unavailable on some devices

    I connect to the internet through a Netgear router and have Airtel Broadband at home. All mobiles, tabs, laptops and 1 desktop at home of the entire family connect to the internet through the wifi system. However, I have been facing a strange issue for the last few days - everything was...
  15. $hadow

    Microsoft launches Lumia 640, 640 XL smartphones in India starting at Rs 11,999

    I am wondering why haven't anyone posted about this yet. Source: Microsoft launches Lumia 640, 640 XL smartphones in India starting at Rs 11,999 - Tech2
  16. T

    Wireless Data Sharing

    Wireless data sharing is a concept that is settling down with the time, and more and more people are switching to such data sharing habits. With evolved wireless data sharing devices, other premium functions are also adding up the list, like you can now even charge your phone or can access a...
  17. ariftwister

    Folding@Home app now supports non-Sony devices

    Source : Folding@Home app now supports non-Sony devices Link for App:Folding@Home
  18. S

    Router and Switch Configuartion

    Hi Guys I have TP-Link Router 3G/4G Wireless N Router TL-MR3420 - Welcome to TP-LINK . I am planning to buy a Gigabit Switch TP-Link 10/100/1000 Mbps 5 Ports Gigabit Desktop Switch (TL-SG1005D) - Buy @ Rs.1445/- Online | I have NAS setup at home which currently has 4PCs...
  19. S

    Need Router+Modem

    Hi, I need Router+ modem within a budget of 2.5k to connect and share the internet between my desktop,laptop and other wireless devices. Also I would like if it has USB port but it's not compulsory.
  20. RBX

    Cheap Router for use with Reliance Broadband

    I need a cheap router that can work with Reliance broadband (important) and has good enough security, and preferably some feature to know which devices are connected to it. I had a BSNL router (very old) which didn't work well because Reliance broadband can be logged in only from single IP...
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