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Steve Irvin dead!!!

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Wise Old Owl
Really sad news. Steve was a great animal-lover & a fearless guy, a naturalist.

Stingray is a flat, triangular-shaped fish found in tropical
waters. It gets it's name from the razor-sharp barb at the end
of it's tail (coated with toxic venom)!!!

See Pic

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Another Brick in the Wall
That's really sad. I'm a fan of crocodile hunter as well. May his soul, rest in peace.


The pWnster
i'm a regular viewer of his series.
animal experts say that the stingray was frightened b4 it killed him
i wish peace for his family


Broken In
oh my god!!! :eek: he was really super cool man.. :( too bad.... i jus cant believe it.. sad news :'-( ppl will miss him..


Here's to all the countless hours of enjoyable, educational documentaries. For your immense zeal and schoolboy curiosity!

Bless thy soul!

Choto Cheeta

I was a big fan of work... and his cause... I am really SAD today... feeling like i just have lost one of my own Family man.... :(


Senior Member
this was shocking news....i used to see TV in amazement at how he used to handle those snakes. He dedicated his life to protecting wildlife and it was only then when i saw his series that i realised how beautiful and interesting species snakes are.
may his soul rest in peace.


What? Where? How?
This kind of news is hard to believe. This guy meant the most to animal lovers, i had a good time laughing at his silly moves. It's really sad. He will be missed by many people worldwide. :'(




it was really fun watchin him on Animal Planet. I will miss him for sure...]
And to think...of all the deadly crocs and snakes he handled he had to be killed by a sting ray:(


i m shocked .... my heart goes out to his two children Bindi Sue, 8, and Robert, 3.
may god giv them the strength to lead a life without their father. will they ever love nature n its creatures ??? its hard to say.

while handling crocs, the guy always used to say "one wrong move and my 20 years of research will go down the drain .... "

and man it has happened... though by another creature
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Just came to know an hour back... came as a shock....Loss of an Legend :(
he was awesome.. his own unique style ..... real wildlife warrior.....
he passed away doing what he loved to do.......may his soul rest in peace....
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