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ok so this is the full line up for the 2014
left side is old models right side is new models along with antutu scores

old models new models - antutu score

Xperia M ( c2004,c2005) antutu - 10000 for both =========> D2004 - 12633 , D2005 - 12790

Xperia L ( c2105 ) - 9746 =======> D2105 - 13000

Xperia C ( c2305 ) - 12000 ======> D2303 - 17853

Xperia SP ( c5303 ) 15874 =======> D5303 - 30144

Xperia ZL ( c6503 ) 20743 =======> D6503 - 29745

My prediction and insights :D

1) The cpu inside xperia m and xperia l successor will be same dual core krait with adreno 305 but they will be little bit overclocked to 1.2 or 1.4 ghz ( these are incremental updates performance wise)

2) the cpu inside xperia C successor could be Mediatek 6582 - 1.3 ghz quad core cortex a7 with mali 400 gpu ( weaker gpu than adreno 305 ) - or snapdragon 400 1.2 ghz cortex a7 with adreno 305 ( same as moto g but less likely as xperia c was mediatek based )

this phone will compete with the motorola Moto G in the price range of 17-18k

3) Xperia Tanichi could be Xperia SP successor or Xperia ZL successor or a totally new model but it will have
6 inch screen
8 core cortex a7 mediatek 6592 cpu
estimated price 22-24k

4) the left out phone might as well be 8 core mediatek or a totally new snapdragon cpu that might get launched on january 7

5) the major upgrade to Xperia M will come in 2nd half of 2014 with 64 bit cortex a53 quad core cpu ( snapdragon 410)

Buyers looking to buy phones should hold on if they can and wait as the new models are going to be announced next month and they can get better value for their money as all of them will get Android 4.4 kitkat along with hardware upgrades

some Devices will be announced in

1) Consumer Electronics Show ( January 7)

and some devices will be announced in

2) Mobile World Congress ( February )

P.s - benchmarks scores and predictions are based on the Leaks which generally turns out to be true especially in case of Sony :p

any different predictions ?
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looks like the model d2004 is xperia e1 and d2104 is e1 dual as per FCC filing if true then it would be really great to have that level of performance in the price segment of 7-8k ...

I think this will be using the latest snapdragon 200 .. 1.2 ghz dual or quad a7 with adreno 302...

well it makes sense since xperia m was just recently launched in September

so xperia e1 at ces
xperia l refresh at mwc
just like last year
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Sony launches Xperia Z1 compact


Dimensions: 27 x 64.9 x 9.5 mm, 137g

Display: 4.3" Triluminous IPS display of
720p resolution, 341ppi

Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800; quad-
core Krait 400 at 2.2GHz, Adreno 330 GPU,


OS: Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (planned
upgrade to 4.4 KitKat shortly after launch)

Camera: 20.7 MP, Carl Zeiss optics,
autofocus, LED flash, 2MP front-facing

Video camera : 1080p @ 30fps video
capture with both cameras

Storage : 16GB built-in, microSD card slot
with support of up to 64GB

Connectivity : NFC, A-GPS+GLONASS, WLAN
(2.4/5Ghz) a/b/g/n/ac, microUSB 2.0
(MHL), BlueTooth 4.0 LE

Battery : 2,300 mAh

Misc: FM Radio, built-in accelerometer,
multi-touch input, proximity sensor
Colors: Black, White, Pink, Lime, Yellow

price - 550 euros

hands on

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact hands-on: First look -

no other launches so they will be launched in mwc

Does Xperia M or M Dual have a KitKat update?

99% no there won't be android 4.4 update for xperia m officially.. only unofficially through xda.. maybe a slight chance it might get android 4.3
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Finally someone heard our plea and released a beast without an obnoxious screen size. props to Sony for this :cool:


That's the Suggested Retail Price in Europe not the actual selling price. Z1 Suggested Retail price is 649 Euros.

In India it will be below 35k.


I read Z1 mini will be between Z and Z1 ...soo it must cost around 32k

Yup :)


Anyway price isn't an issue as it's a unique device and has no competition whatsoever. Iphone 5S is the only phone that can be compared to it and I don't need to mention how much 5s costs :p


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35k is still too much. If it's below 30, then only we can expect a good sale.

Even the Chinese brands would never provide a below 30k handset that comes powered with Snapdragon 800, 20 MP camera with carl zeiss optics ( at least on paper for now) and Expandable memory :rolleyes:


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Even the Chinese brands would never provide a below 30k handset that comes powered with Snapdragon 800, 20 MP camera with carl zeiss optics ( at least on paper for now) and Expandable memory :rolleyes:

I was speaking from purely business/sale point of view.
No doubt this is a phone which really is unique has nearly zero competitors. Even I was waiting for it from yesteryear.
Also, Sony had been pretty good at pricing in recent times, that's why my expectation.


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realistically this might be priced at 36k ..
don't forget this is still a flagship device..

this is a very niche device for those who want highest performance in a compact size..
it's just 1of a kind device right now .. Sony itself wont be expecting to sell big numbers but this will start a trend where other manufacturers will start rolling out "true" mini versions of their phones.. and not some crippled down version with midranger specs ..

but the biggest and the greatest thing they have done is to finally ditch that old tft display and use IPS instead.. now no more complaints of terrible viewing angles and a poor display compared to other flagships..
z1 was great but still behind g2 .. now its head to head..

this will be the year when they can actually take away sales from LG and Samsung..
but I am still bummed that they haven't got rid of that dull wallpaper.. it just makes the screen appear pale in both photos and in person while its not .. their 2012 wallpaper was excellent..

Sony Sirius to debut at MWC, not CES, new rumor says - news

The Sirius reportedly packs a Snapdragon
800 – the MSM8974AB variety, in which the
GPU and memory are clocked higher than
the base version. The earlier rumor said
Snapdragon 805 instead.

Sony Sirius (2014 flagship) tipped for MWC
debut: 5.2-inch display, MSM8974AB SoC,
and a home on Verizon in the US.
— @evleaks (@evleaks) January 7, 2014

Anyway, the 2014 flagship will reportedly
have a 5.2" display, possibly of the 2,560 x
1,440 pixel resolution. Other specs get
thrown around too – the 20.7MP Sony G
Lens camera from the Z1 pair, 3GB RAM,
3,500 mah
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Well hope their display doesn't s**ks this time in context with viewing angles.
Z1 compact looks good to me. But it's a bit costly , a price tag of ~30k would suffice.


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Hoping that Sony uses quad core krait in xperia l refresh.

that's highly unlikely... if you believe the leaked benchmark above...
quad core krait would directly apply that the gpu is adreno320..

before the leak benchmark I was hoping they would use 1.7 GHz dual core krait with adreno 320 same as xperia SP .. adreno 320 is a beast more than twice as fast as 305..

what they might use is krait 300 cores instead of krait 200 . that chipset will have support for 1080 p playback..

but xperia l is still a great phone I just hope that they replace the screen with a better one.. it pales even in front of galaxy core.. maybe use 960x540 resolution 4.5 inch..


Woah calm down guys :p

Don't have such high expectations from the L refresh, chipset wise it's only a slight step up over the original. Main improvements are elsewhere. :)
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