1. Desmond

    Freedom 251 maker seeks Rs 50,000 Cr from Indian Govt days before launch

    Facing losses, Freedom 251 maker seeks Rs 50,000 Cr from Indian Govt days before launch As consumers wait to see the cheapest smartphone at its scheduled launch in the capital on Thursday, its Noida-based makers have made another pitch for the government's support to make their loss-making...
  2. P

    Oc engine 2

    Sky’s the limit with MSI OC Engine 2. OC Engine has been beefed up for MSI Z170 motherboards. This external clock generator gives you even more freedom, 1MHz increments are now possible, to achieve the absolute maximum overclock for your setup. ChooseYourDestiny
  3. D

    DTH recharge from SBI freedom!

    Anyone! How to recharge DTH (airtel) from SBI freedom! What to fill in merchant name? Merchant data ( , separated), amount (min. and max.)! Thanks!!
  4. srkmish

    Software to free yourself from Online Distractions - Freedom for productivity

    Hi Friends, I was going through James clear(one of the best personal development blogger) blog and found this really cool product called Freedom which lets you disable internet connection. You specify the time you want your internet disabled and it will get activated. If you need to access...
  5. kg11sgbg

    How is Simmtronics Co. and what about XPAD Freedom Tablet???

    How is the reliability of the company Simmtronics ? Any idea of its XPAD Freedom Tablet? Please don't compare it with Google Nexus or ASUS or SAMSUNG Tablets...
  6. CommanderShawnzer

    UN declares internet access a human right

    UN declares Internet access a human right | Digital Trends
  7. theserpent

    India to follow china type ban on website maybe

    * If this happens where is our right to freedom?? :(
  8. Josan

    Vote For Udham Singh

    Vote For Udham Singh:-- Udham Singh (Punjabi: ਉਧਮ ਸਿੰਘ, Hindi: उधम सिंह्; December 26, 1899 – July 31, 1940), born Sher Singh Jammu, (Kamboj) , was an Indian independence activist, best known for assassinating Michael O'Dwyer in March 1940 in what has been described as an avenging of the...
  9. Faun

    Free Expression Assault Continues at UN Human Rights Council

    * Lets hope such thing never happens. We only have partial Freedom of Press India should have rejected the resolution.
  10. krates

    Fz16 153cc VS Apache rtr 160cc

    After this ****ing class 10th i will be getting a bike :D very happy :p now i am in a confusion which one to buy FZ16 vs Apache other bikes are welcome tooo (NO PULSAR :mad:) my height is 5.5 and weight is 60 kg :| so far i have used LML FREEDOM :( easily and FZ does not have kick...
  11. krates

    All konvicts "Freedom" is the best album by akon...........

    Recently i got my self "Freedom" well one word akon you rock man every song in the whole album rocks man every song here is my rating of all the songs in descending order from excellent to good...... 1. Beautiful 2. I'm so paid 3. Right now na na na 4. Troublemaker 5. freedom 6...
  12. dead_eye

    Help around blocked torrent

    hello, i recently shifted to a campus were they have blocked the torrents and i want to regain my freedom. i have broadband connection please help if anybody knows any trick to get around this :cool: i have tried a software called "your freedom", which tunnels the traffic but it goes very...
  13. Dark Star

    Software Freedom Day 08

    Software Freedom Day (SFD) is a worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Our goal in this celebration is to educate the worldwide public about of the benefits of using high quality FOSS in education, in government, at home, and in business -- in short, everywhere! The...
  14. Cyrus_the_virus

    26 March 2008: The world's first Document Freedom Day

    I know it's 27th, but what the hell? 26 March 2008: The world's first Document Freedom Day Today is Document Freedom Day: Roughly 200 teams from more than 60 countries worldwide are organising local activities to raise awareness for Document Freedom and Open Standards. To support the...
  15. Batistabomb

    freedom fighters

    Guys any one here played freedom fighters , any new version of this game released
  16. Quiz_Master

    MohanDas Gandhi was the one who brought us freedom??

    I don't know if I am picking a controversial topic..Sorry If I am... But People always says the Mahatma Gandhi did so much for us..Call him Bapu and so on... I've seen people believeing in him like some kind of God... OK he did something for India but He was not the only one. Why people...
  17. pritish_kul2

    Why.Why and Why the hell

    Why doesn't digit let us elect the mods and close every thread related to mods.Why so? Why we don't have freedom? We are using the forum and the mods should also be elected by us.
  18. Y

    freedom fighter runs way too fast

    please help. freedom fighter is running way too fast
  19. S

    freedom fighters errors

    hey, whenever i start playing freedom fighters game, it runs fine for some 6 or 7 minutes and after some time , some sounds like gun firing, commands, foot steps get disabled. after i close the game the whole graphics go wrong (screen resolution appears as -1 or 1 and disabled and color bit...
  20. dhawald

    your views on prophet's cartoons

    first let me inform that I am a hindu but I feel that whatever the europeans are doing(showing caricatures of prophet mohhemed) is wrong those guys have been hankering about freedom of expression. but i feel that etiquette,ethics and respect for others come above freedom of expression...
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