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i have created a disc image and stored in my hard disk but now i want again extract the files from it . is their any software that can extract this???


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Nero has ImageDrive, I don't know if it comes with the CD that comes with CD-RW drive.

If u happen to have Nero ImageDrive, then load the image of the disc image with it, it will behave as one CD-Drive. Then you can copy required file.
it depends on your image .namely iso images can be converted to cd itself by a cd writing software ,whereas for .mdf ,.mds,.cdda etc alcohol 129% is good.


For iso image use Winrar
For .vc7 image use Virtual cd
For mfd image use alcohol
For nrg image use Nero
for ccd image use clone cd
for bw2 image use blindwrite
for pht image use phantom

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