1. Zangetsu

    RAD game tools help

    Anybody has knowledge on editing BK2 files (Bink Video) ? I have .wmp files from FF13 and want to extract the video + audio by converting it to Bink format.
  2. root.king

    extracting audio from .exe

    guys just 5days back i had downloaded a .exe file (81kb)when i click on it, it plays a nice tune and i want to extract it.. Today i used 'resource hacker' but i cant able to extract that audio file its saying the file compiled by an exe compiler,what can i do guys.
  3. CommanderShawnzer

    create installer/setup file using VS 2010 Express??

    well, i want to create an installer file using Visual Studio 2010 Express to extract a bunch of file to a certain directory in C drive the installer should have Administrator privileges the installer should have these files in it and extract it to the directory and create a folder "DLC" and...
  4. K

    LOTR Music Files

    hey i am trying to extract .H2O files of this game(LOTR) but they wont extract....i used so many softwares but all of them were vain....please gimme some idea as to how to extract those files.also i heard files from Liquid Entertainment mith .H2O extension were encrypted so they wont open.is it...
  5. gdebojyoti

    How to extract character/ car models from various PC games?

    Hello guys, I have recently started 3D modeling. I was wondering if there is a way to extract the models from various PC games (like Crysis 2, FIFA 12, NFS Hot Pursuit, etc). Does anyone know of any suitable hack? Also, is there any website where I can download them for free? P.S. I...
  6. U

    How can i extract the executable stub from Self-Extracting Archives in C#

    How can i extract the executable stub from Self-Extracting Archives in C#.
  7. soumo27

    Need Software to mount .vmdk File

    Need a good software to mount a .vmdk file.. I have the setup of chrome os in that format.. Tried UFSExplorer and WinImage, but that didn't serve the purpose Also Need a good software which can extract data out of corrupt DVD's... Tried Roadkil's unstoppable copier but that couldn't extract...
  8. S

    help to plot graph using jfree in net beans

    In our project we are dumping the results(values) to a text file,here our main idea is to extract data from it and have to plot bar graph in the sense to show the comparision between the values obtained,we are unable to do it so please give the solution for thz....or please get the source code...
  9. T

    Extract Bcc addrress... :-(

    Hi experts, Can anybody tell me how to extract or find Bcc addresses in email.I want to know how amny and how had got same email through Bcc ... Is there any solution for this ? Thanks in Advance Thinkyash:flamewar:
  10. M

    [Req]: panoramic wallpaper

    hey guys,' thre are a lot of websites that hv panoramic 360 deg view. i want to extract the landscape wallpaper out of it...is thre any softwre to extract that? i hope im clear in what i want! thnks in advance magneticme200
  11. sravan

    Extract sound from Digit DVD

    How to extract sound file that is played when we run the Digit DVD? whrer is that file located?
  12. Krow

    Can't extract large RAR files

    I'm having a lot of problems with RAR or 7z files, basically all compressed files. Whenever I extract these(using the latest 7zip or WinRAR), I get an error message saying that some files are broken. These are usually the larger files in the archive, while that smaller files extract just fine...
  13. A

    Extract audio from video

    Hello frnds i has one video of a song and i want to extract i.e. take out audio from that video in mp3 format so that i can play it in my mobile phone. can u tell me software which will do this for me. thanks is advance.
  14. T

    Winzip Extracting Problem

    hi eveybody. i'm a newbie here.plz help me to extract a zip file that says :confused: "Error: unable to create output file "H:\Softwares\??????????.bin".:mad: i think the name of the file is in arabic/chinese.how can i extract this ???:confused: Plz help me. thanks to u all:)
  15. H

    New update available for 64bit flashplugin

    Get it from *labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html Extract to /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins or wherever your distro puts it.
  16. R

    rar problem

    hi friends i have downloaded a .rar file from internet.there were 2 parts i downloaded 2nd part .when i extracted the file it is giving a error saying "you need to start extraction from the previous volume to unpack quiz.doc" and then says no file to extract. is the any way to extract...
  17. rajsujayks

    Need for a Dial-up Optimizer?

    I use a dial up internet connection. Is there any good program to extract the best possible speed from it?
  18. hariharakumar

    finding hard to install applications in Ubuntu

    i have downloaded some files with extensions .zip, .jar, .tar.gz and i dont know how to install them in Ubuntu. Please help me. Please give me step by step tutorial how to run each extension. I know how to extract them but dont know how to install them on Ubuntu
  19. B

    How to extract Videos from Websites with Flash Players ??

    i do not know the correct terminology for this but ill try and explain myself as well as i can! :p certain websites have videos that play in flash players, for example i'ev provided a link below .. *www.nbc.com/Heroes/video/clips/heroes-premiere-party/641421/ unlike youtube, i wasnt...
  20. Krazzy Warrior

    RAR parts CRC failed

    I downloaded some files from Rapidshare having size 1 GB splitted in 10 parts having name fun.part1, fun.part2 and so on till fun.part10 . And when I try to extract the file from the splitted part using Winrar (Right Click -> Extract Here) , I always get an error "Packed data CRC failed in...
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