Should stray dogs be killed or not?

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No, I dont think we have deviated a single bit from the topic. If you are concerned with the dogs then why not with the goats and the hens ? You must be knowing how many birds were burned alive to prevent bird flue. You must be aware how many cows were poisoned worldwide to prevent mad cow disease. So all this concern for dogs doesnt make any sense at all. STOP IT NOW and show me your unbiased love and feel sorry for all those so many birds , goats and whatever you have been responsible for brutal massacre.
Dont feel too proud even if you are a vegan like me. You also could be held responsible for the death of so many animals for the sake of skins and other body parts. Leather boots and jackets are all putting you in the same category as with non-vegans.

Overall, there are so many ways we all are responsible for killing of so many birds and animals but we never cared. Standing at a butcher stall was never so horrible because you are used to it. Stop this double standard and think twice.
Edit: See this video of cows being brutally slaughtered for skin in our motherland . Please use discretion as this video is flagged on YouTube and is not for feather hearted.
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I know now why I don't usually get into arguments on boards like these...say what you will about firangs, but they're a lot more reasonable when you try to have an argument.

I'm out guys enjoy your goats and hens and equating people with animals...just...if you start making horse porn and stuff, don't forward that stuff on.

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I've heard that dog catchers will now start catching stray dogs again in mumbai and then send them somewhere out of mumbai. Don't know the exact details, but the news is confirmed. Its great news and we'll be finally get rid of them forever.


who? what?
stray dogs should be taken off the streets and made infertile. if thats not within reach of the poor municipal authorities, they should be killed (they=dogs, not municipal authorities! lol)


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I am a hardcore animal lover. I have a pet rabbit, and take care of a stray dog and a stray cat. (One comes to the front door, the other to the back, to avoid conflicts!)
I feel that seeing the present condition of the street dogs, in certain areas, a quick and painless death is better for them rather than the miserable and tortured life.
To slightly improve their condition, specially in colonies, we can take responsiblity. For instance, earlier I used to live in Pandara Road, New Delhi. There was a gang of dog loving teenagers there, who used to feed al stray dogs, and they once even fighted with some faggot family who was trying to lock up street puppies in a car and throw them out in some other faraway place.
Such little gestures can, of course help in improving their condition...

The worst case is small children troubling dogs and puppies. If they try to harm some small puppies, then the mother ***** generally bites or scares them . Then they go running to their faggot parents who get the dogs shot or beaten up...
The very society in India consists mainly of such dumb people, that I don't think that it's possible for the poor creatures to live a peaceful life....
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