1. sam9953

    what to do if I lose my phone?

    HI guys, I just saw a friend of mine lose his galaxy s3 the other day and it started to make me wonder, what will I do if I ever lose my precious Xperia S? Is there any service or any other method using which we can track our phone incase it is ever stolen or is ever lost?
  2. blueshift

    Should stray dogs be killed or not?

    It's bad days for Bangalore dogs Today only on CNN-IBN I saw how mercilessly they were killing the dogs. Ofcourse human life is more precious than animals but still how the dogs were treated is definately unethical and condemnable. I don't blame dogs...i blame the government and the...
  3. amrit1

    image viewer of win xp

    when i click on an image nothing hapens i cant view my precious moments please help :( :( :( :(
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