1. sandyss

    RAGE not loading!

    I have recently installed RAGE on my pc and when i click "new game" it shows the intro video and then a black screen appears and then the game returns to first menu saying "PRESS ENTER"...:-?It just doesnt load the game after the intro no matter how many times i tried! Can anyone help me...
  2. dreamcatcher

    A great Read on Indian Security!!! Totally agree man. If someone came and set an RDX in my backyard I would be dead and no one would even care. This is how safe we are. We are scared of thieves and robbers and even ghosts. But, the one we should fear the most is our democracy.
  3. *GandaBerunda*

    Are we responsible for ensuring a stable government in india?

    after seeing the political drama in karantaka , i wonder if it is the politicians fault or it is ours? i feel we are more to blame than the politicians... what are your openions on this?
  4. ::cyborg::

    Welcome To Broadband Pacenet

    hi guys i saw this when i logged today to my net account of pacenet.omg LOL Just see spelling mistakes. my net wallah is a big stupid even the customer care sucks whenever i call a guy picks up the phone and i can hear the air coming from his nostrils so badly that its impossible to talk...
  5. MetalheadGautham

    Blame Halo 3

    Halo 3 brings a lot of guys a lot of enjoyment. But what we dont realize is how it affects other people in our lives. I say Blame Halo 3 and press the words <blame halo three> above as hard as you can with the mouse ;) PS: see the lyrics to understand some stuff he says.
  6. ajaybc

    DirectX10 in Windows XP!!!!!

    If u dont believe me got to this site and see for urself. Dont blame me if this is fake because i havn't tested it myself because iam on vista:cool:
  7. naveen_reloaded

    Warning : Dont see this page.... !!!

    WARNING : CONTINOUS VIEWING OF THIS PAGE CAN RESULT IN HALUCINATION just see this page for say 3 minutes and try to see the surrounding ... dont blame me for wht will happen to u
  8. blueshift

    Should stray dogs be killed or not?

    It's bad days for Bangalore dogs Today only on CNN-IBN I saw how mercilessly they were killing the dogs. Ofcourse human life is more precious than animals but still how the dogs were treated is definately unethical and condemnable. I don't blame dogs...i blame the government and the...
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