shoe thrown toward chinese premier in UK-detailed article

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^^Shouldn't we feel pride in having a prototype. It doesn't matter if it can be put into production or not but what matters is that others (neighboring countries) and average stupid clamoring Indian must get a reason to celebrate like crazy (exploding loud obnoxious crackers in front of your house lane).

I seriously recommend you to watch these movies:
Occupation 101

You will know some simple facts obscured and deranged by diplomats and media.


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@alexanderthegreat: i agree with your views on lalu. he just listened to his advisers and many indians forget about his dark history when he cracks a few jokes...

the point am trying to make is that, chinese people are nationalist, which is good. we are not. you remember the incident when chinese ppl boycotted carrefour(the french retail giant)?. well, that was in reaction to the french prime minister support to tibet. it was during olympics.

will we do that? no.

things like that are what you need to become the no.1 country in the world. you cannot be goody-good and get to the top.

we also try to hide poverty. whenever there is some international event, only that area is cleaned. nothing new there.


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i disagree with NIX.Chinese people are not nationalists they are communists and any type of blind nationalism creates fascism.So don't want to be a nationalist be human first. after all India is not out of the world but it's a part of the world.
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