1. Skyh3ck

    Best shoe brand in India for Formal and Casual !!!!

    Hi guys Since many of the online shopping sites are selling lots of cloths and shoe brand now, i am eager to know which is the best shoe brand we can trust for quality and VFM Please suggest based on your experience, which are the good shoe brands in india * BATA * Red Tape * Lee Cooper *...
  2. eggman

    Best sports shoe within 2-3 k..?

    Kindly recommend me the best sports shoe ,mainly needed for workout, within 2-3 K!! And if you're in Bangalore, tell me where to get them from? Reebok, Nike,Bike kuch bhi chalega:P
  3. jxcess3891

    Journalist flings shoe at Chidambaram

    * hahahaha This guy seems to be the funniest of the shoe throwers.
  4. RaghuKL

    Angry Scribe flings shoe at Chidambaram

    Angry Scribe has flung a shoe at Chidambaram over Jagadish Tytler being given clean chit. Source: *
  5. nix

    shoe thrown toward chinese premier in UK-detailed article

    source:associated press, * i must say, this guy is very brave. thank god he didnt do that in china. both indians and americans have something to learn from this incident-nothing can beat the patriotism of...
  6. L

    Something that happened to me today

    Hmmm i know this might sound funny to some of you but i feel so much remorsed that i just had to find an outlet. This very ****ed up amazing thing happened to me at my institute thats IIHT and yes its the guwahati centre i'm talking about. As a rule none of us are allowed to take in our shoe...
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