1. A

    price query for 8350 ?

    i have an 8350 just sitting around eating dust its packed as i rma-ed it and never opened it lol but it has still has 4 months warranty left just wondering how much i can sell it for as i have no use for it any ideas how much i can get for it ?
  2. S

    local sharing in alliance broadband network

    Hi all. A friend of mine wants to share some files with me. As alliance provides static ip and both of us use alliance for internet, I was wondering if it would be possible to search for his computer over the network and get the files over it. Any help / suggestion in this regard would be...
  3. warfreak

    Any aquarium enthusiasts?

    Hi, I have recently gotten hold of a 25 gallon cube aquarium. I am currently trying to initiate the cycling process. I am planning to create a tropical Indochinese biotope to begin with. Lots of aquatic plants and a few schooling fish. I was wondering if anyone here shares this hobby...
  4. R

    Laminating External HDD

    I have wrapped my new Seagate external 500gb HDD in a rubber mat permanently( even wen using ) to prevent scratches. was wondering any heat dissipation problems due to covering the HDD. please advice
  5. H

    latop tablet combo

    Hi, I'm looking for a portable laptop which can also become a tablet. I saw the HP Split X2 and Microsoft Surface Pro a few days back at the local store and was quite impressed by both devices. Just wondering if I have any other options to choose from. Any help would be...
  6. H

    [Want to Buy] Laptop+Tablet combo

    Hi, I'm looking for a portable laptop which can also become a tablet. I saw the HP Split X2 a few days back at the local store and was quite impressed by it. Just wondering if I have any other options to choose from. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks ~Nitin
  7. T

    2GB+2GB vs 2GB+4GB... How much difference would it make?

    I'm buying a laptop having two 2GB memory cards. But there is an option of upgrading it and making 2GB+4GB = 6GB. I'm wondering if it's worth the money. How much memory boost would I get in gaming and everyday tasks?
  8. a_medico

    How many of you really follow badminton

    In the cricket crazy nation, how many of you actually follow badminton? I mean not reading just about Saina and Kashyap, but international badminton? Was just wondering will IBL (Indian Badminton League) be a success or a flop?
  9. ithehappy

    What is allocation size and what should be used for my SD card?

    I just bought a Sandisk Micro SD card. Now while formatting it as FAT32 I was wondering what allocation size I should use? Should I use default, or the largest value or what? What does it basically do? TIA.
  10. ithehappy

    Dell SP2208WFP. Is it 'too old' ?

    That's my monitor's model no. I have been using it for almost 5 years now. It has served me fantastic, but I was wondering has it gone outdated? I mean 1680x1050 is okay with me. And I know that there is NO real OLED monitors out there ( I won't buy those LCD crapped LED stuff). But I was...
  11. sayan8

    What is the minimum amps reqiurd fr a HD 7750

    I hav a AMD 7750.So my frnd also willing to get it...But he is wondering what is the min amps required on 12v .... Please reply
  12. NoasArcAngel

    got a ipod 4th gen shuffle. Sound quality sucks.

    Hi guys i just received a ipod shuffle 4th gen which i ordered for my bro from flipkart and the sound quality sucks totally. The bundled earphones are worthless. And my old nokia e63 plays better music than this. I was wondering if there was a way i could get an exchange . ??? for something...
  13. windchimes

    Packaged drinks during fever?

    Down with high fever and alone at my place. Know for sure fruit juices especially with Vitamin C can be taken for relief. But it isn't practical now to go get some. Wondering whether there are any packaged drinks that can be taken during fever.
  14. windchimes

    Can we courier a bag of clothes?

    Guys I am travelling, infact moving from one place to another. Since I am alone I don't wanna carry extra luggage and was wondering whether any courier guys would be willing to accept a backpack and courier it without costing a bomb.. Any idea on this..?
  15. maxmk

    Anyone using Instragram

    Hello All, I have recently started using Instagram on my Android and my userid is @milindmk I am just wondering if anyone here using Instagram? if yes let me know your username i would love to follow you.
  16. V

    Portable suite

    Hi I have been using winpenpack for the last couple of years. Found it much better than PortableApps. Was wondering if anyone had any better launcher. The ability to add other apps is important.
  17. JojoTheDragon

    Can I use a model for the Workspace Contest?

    I was wondering if I can bring in a model for the workspace contest that is currently going on here ?
  18. A

    Motion Sensing Controllers for PC

    After looking at motion sensors for consoles like Kinect, PS Move, i was wondering why there is no popular controller released for PC gaming as well. I was reading about razer hydra. but wondering why there are not many popular devices for pc since there are many more pc gamers than console...
  19. Skynaveen

    Need Help: Can video memory be increased?

    I have a Nvidia GT 220 from XFX which has ddr2 memory(1gb). The memory speed looks like its only 400Mhz (It says so in afterburner). :razz: I was wondering if i could somehow replace the memory or make it not use the memory but instead use my ram which is 800Mhz:mrgreen: Please help me in...
  20. TheLetterD

    Nead a 2.1/5.1 setup for parties under 10K!

    Hi Yeah . so i need a 2.1 / 5.1 setup for playing music in parties so obviously high rms Power is a must but what Im really looking at is Sound quality and good Bass. Im not an audiophile so can't explain more than that. I was wondering If I could use the same system for movies with my TV...
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