Share short-term courses you have studied.

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hi friends..
most of this forum members are all students so , i opened this thread to create some awareness about short term courses to all which enable them to improve their skills.

So. share some short term courses that you have studied (/studying) which you feels more helpful to your career..

it may be in as follows;
1. Field (mention your major field/subject i.e. software / hardware / electronics/etc.)
2. course name (actual subject)
3. duration
4. fees


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Can someone tell me a good course for creating desktop applications? I have no knowledge of desktop application or languages.


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I have done two main courses
1) Linux based network management (One month)

2) Embedded system design (ATmega8 based)


I've done 1 month duration each course of C and Data Structures, currently doing Global Net+ of 1 year duration, GNIIT of 3 year duration, about to start 2 month duration course on SilverLight, all while doing my B.Tech I.T :D
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