1. R

    CCNP Traning Center in Banglore

    Hello , I am looking for Good training center in Banglore to Study CCNP R&S and do Job In Rest of the study time (part time or Full time and night Studies ) . In google there are many Training centers , Can any suggest a good one (would be better if u have Personal Experience )...
  2. pramudit

    Exam Time Help

    Since exams month is here i am making this thread so that we can help each other with studied... here is some important chemical reaction that i want to share with you people...
  3. solomon_paulraj

    I won the June 2009 Digit Slogan Prize!

    Hi friends, I'm glad that i have won ;) the best slogan on the 8th annivesary edition of our DIGIT magazine. My slogan was as follows... I subscribe to Digit because... "it is the cost effective computer course which can be studied at my convenience that includes world class technology...
  4. S


    WARNING: This is a rant! If you don't have anything nice or informative to say after reading through this junk, then please refrain from saying anything at all. Right now, I am doing an engineering course in a decent college(ofc nowhere near the level of NITS BITS or IITS). I did my 10th...
  5. Sathish

    Share short-term courses you have studied.

    hi friends.. most of this forum members are all students so , i opened this thread to create some awareness about short term courses to all which enable them to improve their skills. So. share some short term courses that you have studied (/studying) which you feels more helpful to your...
  6. comp@ddict

    ANY Podarite, Apeejay(KOL) or Bloomian(DELHI)

    Bloomians THREAD ANyone from these schools here. Mabe I noe u, cuz I studied in them, and currently in the last name.
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