1. Harsh Pranami

    Disabling autostart of huawei dashboard

    Hi friends. I have this huawei e303c modem. The problem I'm facing is that whenever I plug my huawei modem, the huawei dashboard automatically starts. Now this should have been a good feature if not for the 15 secs hang that I get each time it starts. Also while using the dashboard, there are...
  2. GhorMaanas

    Seagate Goflex Home - assistance needed in set-up

    Hello everyone! i hope am posting this in the correct section. i have the dock in subject. have a FreeAgent Goflex 500 GB 2.5" portable HDD to go with it. however, when connected to the dock through the SATA port, only the green light comes up and becomes stable. the white light doesn't come...
  3. leo61611616

    Facebook Gets Information Downloads, Apps Dashboards and Reloaded Groups

    Today, Facebook held a press event where they detailed several new features the company will be rolling into their popular social networking site. Here's a list of the three announcements: Download Your Information In a feature called Download Your Information, Facebook will gather all...
  4. M


    Can any one tell me what is dashboard? And also how can i create it or what softwares i have to use it? Thank you.
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