1. H

    Synology DiskStation DS112j - Review and Product Tour | TecheXplode

    Hello Techmaniacs! Time for reviewing the Synology DS112j which was sent to me by digit (9.9 media) as a part of NAS@Home contest. Thanks to ThinkDigit and Synology for giving me the opportunity of reviewing this device. You can read the review directly at my blog: Synology DiskStation...
  2. rider

    Reviewing Tech Gadgets

    Hello, I want to know what qualification needs to do reviewing tech gadgets like cnet, engadet, ndtv tech guru, etc. How much money can be earned by this profession?? #bump
  3. utkarsh009

    amd fusion

    so by now you all must have known that i am a novice. anyways, i have a question. are amd fusion and amd bulldozer different? i know that fusion refers to apu. an apu is what combines cpu and gpu on the same die (sandy bridge is an apu, right?). so is it possible that in an year or two that...
  4. ring_wraith

    A comprehensive Creative Zen Reivew

    Well, as promised, here is the Creative Zen review, i put it on my blog because i needed a new article and also did spend a whole lot of time reviewing it and feel i deserve a few hits right? It even includes an audio shootout against the w810i. Please be sure...
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