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Redhat will go bust because of Ubuntu??

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Satissh S

So feels Free Software Magazine's editor, Tony Mobily. In the editorial of the issue 13 of Free Software Magazine, he predicts ubuntu and Mark Shuttleworth to spelll the demise of Redhat. Direct link to the Article. Found the news at slashdot.

Please guys, i know almost all of us like one or other or some other distro. So please post after giving it some good thought and completely reading the article. Thanks, this will avoid flaming and fan boyism or worse create a split within ourselves.


I see right through you.
It does look like RH shot itself in the foot. I used to love Red Hat, used it up to RH8 or so. Then I caught a whiff of Debian (Etch, not Ubuntu) and migrated. I'm satisfied, and I think Shuttleworth has created, more than anything else, a windows-like interface for migrating users. This makes them come from both RH _and_ Windows, a big bonus.


In the zone
I don't think so. These articles are written to simply garner attention, thats all. Fedora has a huge following. I am myself a hardcore Fedora fanatic & would not give it away for this Ubuntu (sarcasm). I used this ubuntu thingy & was greately disappointed. I couldn't do anything with it. I hate Gnome like rabies & don't want to ever go close to it (yes I know Kubuntu exists).

Red Hat has been around since the days this Mark Shuttleworth guy was in his nappies. This Ubuntu & other bacchas will do Red Hat no harm. Fedora will bash all.

All hail Fedora! All hail Red Hat!.


I see right through you.
>>> Fedora Core is not a commercially supported product of Red Hat, Inc <<<

What does that count for?
Satissh S

Satissh S

@borg: "Thanks for trolling"

I had _explicitly_ mentioned when i started the thread, this is not a place for fan boyism, or acting to be one and trying to start a flame war or splitting up the community in to two groups. Is this Divide and Conquer BTW??

Luckily we are healthy enough to be united and sensible enough to ignore your post.


El mooooo
Well this article smells like the old "Linux will replace Windows someday" debate. When this "someday" will come, no one knows. Don't get me wrong, I am a real believer in both the statements i.e. "Linux will replace Windows" and "Redhat will go down", but both these statements need to end with a very important word and that word is "someday".

What Ubuntu is doing and has done till now is great, but if Redhat will ever go down (or bust) then it will not be because of Ubuntu alone. Novell will be a major factor in it. Especially after seeing what it has done with its enterprise desktop versions, the usability ideas (just look at the menu ideas and the polished interface), the work done with XGL and the whole desktop experience it has created is awesome.

So yes I also agree that there is a huge chance of Redhat going bust because of Ubuntu (and Novell) "someday" :)


I see right through you.
Redhat/Fedora are trying to come up with an XGL clone by themselves, because Novell's XGL is not keeping with FSF's free software policy. It remains to be seen how well they do in that regard. If they succeed, we'll see a native fully open source XGL type X server on future versions of Fedora.


FooBar Guy
borg said:
Red Hat has been around since the days this Mark Shuttleworth guy was in his nappies. This Ubuntu & other bacchas will do Red Hat no harm. Fedora will bash all.All hail Fedora! All hail Red Hat!.

Get your facts clear.
Mark Shuttleworth was a Debian developer and Apache maintainer when RedHat was in its nappies.


In the zone
Relax man, I was just speaking figuritively. Ubuntu came yeasr after Red Hat, right?.

Anyways, on a serious note. I don't think Red Hat or Fedora will disappear. If there marketshare was to fall, I think Red Hat would also change to reverse that trend.


Coming back to life ..
Hmm.. Lemme jump the bandwagon too ..
Although Im myself an Ubuntu fan, I dont think Ubuntu is gonna bust RH .. While Ubuntu is used mostly by desktop users in their personal computers, RH (RHEL or Fedora) is mostly used by corporate users. Now home users have so many options to try and switch to different distros but corporate users they dont like change .. So those organizations using RH they wont convert to Ubuntu because
1. They mightve customized it according to their use
2. Some of their existing sw might need to be rewritten
3. The users ( RH have certification programs, so we have RHCEs which means atleast these people have some knowledge and can be recruited) : There is a large number of RH users who might save this from happening .. :p

Now this text was written in 96 seconds so dont blame me if I didnt put it right .. But I am sure you'll get my point ..


I don't think so, as there is market big enough for both of them, oh! make it three (Novell). Redhat have strong roots already in corporate market while Ubuntu have just started to go there.

There is lots of catching up to do for Ubuntu, further how does the author assumes that Redhat will be sitting pretty?? while Ubuntu takes the cake.??

Ubuntu is getting Slicker with every release no doubt about that, there is lot of fresh energy flowing around the Ubuntu community. Yeah I have also turned to it much for the same reason. I want a productive desktop that doesn't looks ugly. Fedora was my choice as it worked best for me then. I think Fedora can certainly do better, however I do agree that they have lost lots of ground while they were looking elsewhere the last 1-2 years.

For all I figure more Linux based 'corporate distributions' means more competition for Linux = More quality.

All the competition between three might hurt MS somewhere, but I doubt it will spell doom for anyone in particular.


18 Till I Die............
I do believe the competition between trio of Ubuntu, Red Hat and Novell is rather doing good for Open Source Community. One such example is 3D desktops. More competition means much better for Open Source market.
The market for Open Source products and related services is low as of now but it is rising. It is far from saturated. At such a rate of growth, I believe there is enough room for not only these 3 big player but also a few more companies to join the bandwagon. I sincerely hope some new company comes forward and makes a distro based on slackware. IMO slackware is a superb distro but with a comparitively small community, it's usability is limited as such.


Wise Old Owl
RedHat has a strong presence in the Enterprise segment. Ubuntu has gained lot
of popularity because of it's great features, ease of use, security, also you can get
it for free!! Ubuntu has only now entered the Server market. It's too early to say!!
Also this whole rat-race is good for Linux in general!! We'll get better products in
the future.
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