1. rohitshubham

    Help Required for triple boot

    Hey, I want to install redhat 6 to my computer system which has windows 7 and fedora 18 already installed... I was wondering whether GRUB2 on fedora 18 will support redhat6 which primarily boots with grub1. What kind of options will i have to use while installing redhat
  2. M

    Help me in installing application in Linux through GUI.

    Guys, I am new to linux can somebody explain me how to install softwares in linux using GUI.One more doubt which Linux distro supports maximum no of commands after redhat Since it is commercial I can't use it does SUSE supports commands like redhat? I need to learn linux administration.and...
  3. Nanducob

    centOS live CD

    Hi, im new to linux/centOS.I want to study the Redhat enterprise linux OS.But since Redhat is not free and centOS,which is almost same as redhat and is free to download,i downloaded the centOS 6.0 32 bit live cd.Now i want to know how to make and use the live cd along with windows 7 32 bit.I...
  4. S

    Problem in redhat linux

    hai friends, how to disable mass storage like pen drive usage in redhat linux or opensolaris? and is there is any way to check that mass storage device has been used in the computer like windows have. thanks in advance
  5. tkin

    Free linux distro similiar to Redhat.

    The title may seem a bit confusing to people but I am learning shell scripts in redhat linux in my college, since redhat is not free can someone suggest linux distro that has the SAME shell scripts like redhat linux, i.e same commands. Also this will be my first time to install linux on a...
  6. K

    Career in linux..

    I am doing engineering in computer science in India. I am in final year. I like the open source world.I want to make my career in linux. plz tell me where to start...I want certification from REDHAT.. 1) What is the imnportance of REDHAT CERTIFICATION?? 2) What is the scope of linux in INDIA...
  7. S

    Need info abt Red hat & fedora

    I want to know what is the diff. between fedora & Redhat Enterprise edition of linux.?
  8. Baker

    redhat certification in bangalore

    hi i want to take redhat certification.... suggest me best training institute in bangalore...
  9. T

    Redhat linux

    HI Friends, i need redhat linux latest version so pls give me a download link... iam preparing for redhat exam so it will be usefull to work in home so i need it... As soon as possible give me ur reply ...Thank u in advance.....
  10. C

    Prolem with aspire 4520

    I am unable to install any linux on my acer aspire 4520, be it Ubuntu or Redhat on my laptop. The installation completes but does not boot up. While Ubuntu gives some southbridge errors, Redhat does not recognize the hard-disk and does not install. Being a student of Computer engineering, I am...
  11. S

    PLZ Give all step to Configure DNS in redhat ent server 5

    PLZ give me all step to install DNS in redhat Ent. server 5 I has installed DNS in version 4 but can't in version 5 PLZ help.:oops:
  12. S

    HOW Can i mount Windows ntfs partision in redhat ent server 5

    HI, I am using xp & fedora from digit dvd. fedora automatically mount natfs window partision at strtup but i want to know how can i Mount windows NTFS partision in redhat enterprise server 5.:confused:
  13. A

    ipmessenger for linux

    Can anyone please point me to ipmessenger installer for redhat enterprise linux 4
  14. A

    vpn configuration in linux

    can i get vpn configuration steps for redhat 1. vpn server configuration steps 2. vpn client configuration steps
  15. A

    .net installation in linux

    it is possible to install .net in redhat enterprise linux
  16. A

    installing redhat 9.0 in SATA says no harddisk

    if iam installing redhat 9.0 in SATA hardisk and it says no hardidsk at the time of partition, what to do but in BIOS it detects the SATA harddisk, what to do
  17. G

    I want a linux OS

    Hello friends, I know that many topics related to this topic are present in this forum, but they didn't satisfy me. Therefore i am posting this message. I have only use knoopix live cd till today in the field of linux. I also tried to install redhat but i couldn't. I have a linux...
  18. P

    mp3 Player for Redhat Enterprise Linux WS3

    i have installed redhat linux. i have tried realplayer 10, but mp3 format files is not supported. can anyone give me the solution for playing mp3 files in linux environment. i need some player for playing mp3 files in redhat linux.
  19. P

    mp3 Player for Redhat Enterprise Linux WS3

    i have installed redhat linux. i have tried realplayer 10, but mp3 format files is not supported. can anyone give me the solution for playing mp3 files in linux environment.
  20. paragkalra

    Sharing Bsnl Dataone Broadband between two pcs running LINUX

    Hi Linux Friends……….. I need your help earnestly……….. I wanna share Bsnl Dataone Broadband Internet over two pcs running Linux……. I have two pcs……… My server is having Windows XP and RedHat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 4 installed over it Also I have Bsnl Dataone Broadband...
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