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Industry Connect
We talk to Atindriya Bose of Sony Computer Entertainment about India's first PS2 game, Hanuman.

Do we have to wait even more for 3G? Get all the dirt on recent developments in technology


Web Watch
Bored of the way Google simply lists search results? Read up on new ways of organising results.

Mobile Watch
If you are lost, and need directions, it's now just a phone call away.

Vacation Planning
Make the internet your travel agent.

The Mobile Warrior's Backpack
Find out how the true gadget geek takes a hike

Geek on Holiday
What's all the wizardry in Agent 001's backpack?

Digital Life

Drool Maal
A phone from a watchmaking company, a lounger that appeases your senses, and more.

The Demoscene
We trace the evolution of the mostly underground demoscene

Hobbies to learn online
From paper folding to gardening, if you are interested, you can get help


Powering the future
We have a close look at interesting and novel ways that electricity will be produced in the future

Camera Sensors
CMOS And CCD Image Sensor Breakthroughs Promise A "Bright" Future

Sixth Sense
MIT auguments reality with information exchange in realtime, on real objects.

Tried & Tested
The latest camcorders to hit the streets, including 5 HD camcorders

DSLRs Tested
We look at some of the best digital SLR cameras in the market

Ergonomic Devices
Aggressive work or play requires comfortable tools, we look at ergonomic keyboards, mice and chairs



Set up your own portable planetarium

Image Hosting
We present exciting ways to share your holiday memories with your nearest and dearest

XBMC Workshop
How to set up and operate a free media center software on your HTPC

Tips & Tricks
Tips on Advanced System Care 3, Google, XChat IRC, and K3b.

Digit answers all your technical queries

Street Smart

Agent 001
Agent 001 gives the lowdown on a variety of accessories to spruce up your camera.

Killer Rigs
Choose the best PC for your budget

Consumer Protection
We take a look inwards, on our own costumer service, and at the HP laptop support.

Price Watch
The price on the streets for the latest technology


Smart Soho
Using Virtualisation to serve your business needs.

Career story on chip design and microprocessor engineering

Developer Corner
Power Shell in all its glory

Websites to Waste time on
We scour the web, and find the websites for when you have time to kill

Photography tricks
Easy but stunning effects with a camera and an image editing software

Game Review: Ninja Blade

Game Review: Hanuman

Most addictive Linux games
Small games that take less than five minutes to install, but forever to master

Last Word

Fast Track to Freeware -- Not a listing of software, but workshops on how to use the software to accomplish common tasks

Apple iTunes 8.1.1
Vue 7 Pioneer 7.0
ALShow 1.7
AndreaMosaic 3.31
Ashampoo Photo Optimizer Free 1.20
BurnAware Free 2.3.3
Contenta-Converter Basic 4.2
DarkWave Studio 2.7.2
DivX Player
Free FLV to WMV Convert 2.7
Free PowerPoint to PDF Converter 5.5
Fresh View 7.68
GIMP 2.6.6
ImageVisu 5.0.0
Light Boogie 2.9.84
Moo0 ImageViewer 1.59
Need4 Free Audio CD Ripper
Performa Pro 2.1
Picasa 3.1 Build 71.18
Plato DVD Creator Pro 7.88
Pos Free Photo Editor 1.20
RadioSure 1.8.820
TwistedBrush Open Studio 15.73
virtualStudio 1.0.37
WildFire CD Ripper 2.9
Zortam Mp3 Media Studio 9.10


SeaMonkey 1.1.15
Hermes P2P 2.9
BitKinex 3.1.1
BitsCast 0.14
GigaTribe 2.51
Gladinet Cloud Desktop Professional Edition 0.9.92 beta
InternetScrap 2.40
LimeWire 5.1.2
Make Your Own Browser 3.19.09
NetPen 0.97
Orbit Downloader 2.8.8
Skimmer beta
Vuze 4.2
Xcelerator 1.2


Moo0 SystemMonitor 1.37
Allway Sync 9.2.11
AutoRuns 9.41
Daphne 1.41
Driver Magician Lite 3.5
Fast Duplicate File Finder 1.1
Fresh UI 8.28
Hawkscope 0.6.0
Micro-Sys Launcher 1.6.5
OnTarget Data Backup 3.0.4
Process Tamer 2.10.01
Restoration 3.2.13
Screen Mode Switch
TweakNow RegCleaner 4.0.5
Wise Disk Cleaner 4.23
Wise Registry Cleaner 4.23

.net Framework 2.0
.net Framework 3.5
Avast Home Edition 4.8
Comodo Internet Security Pro 3.5.55810.432
Foxit Reader 3.0
Free Download Manager 2.5 build 758
Irfan View 4.20
Java(TM) 2 Runtime
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack FULL 4.2.5
Opera 9.64
Spybot Search and Destroy 1.6.0
VLC Player 0.9.4
WinRAR 3.80
µTorrent 1.8.1

Updates And Add-ons
Adobe Shockwave
Java runtime update
Windiws Vista SP2 RC


Wanted: Weapons of Fate
Watchmen: The End Is Nigh
Codename Panzers: Cold War MP
Myth II: Soulblighter v1.5.1

Game Trailers
Jumpgate Evolution
Alpha Protocol
Black Prophecy
Blade and Soul
Burn Zombie Burn
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
Metal Rage
Modern Warfare 2

HD Trailers
Big Man Japan
12 Rounds
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Sleep Dealer
The Song of Sparrows
Where the Wild Things Are
Year One

Hector's Hectic Life
The Cobweb Hotel
The Curious Adventures of Mr. Wonderbird
Mplayer Codec Pack

Mandriva 2009.1 RC2
Nexenta 1.0.1
System Rescue CD 1.1.7
XPud 0.8.9


Digit Videos

Bryce modeling
Asus P565 Unboxing
Bryce animation
Dell XPS 13 Unboxing
Samsung Pixon Unboxing

Magazine Contents
Sixth Sense
Stellarium 0.10.2
Windows Powershell

Fast Track
Camstudio 2.0
Tagscanner 5.3.1
Thunderbird 2.0
Advanced SystemCare Free v3
AVG Anti-Virus Free
Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE Antivirus
Byrce 5.5
Captureflux 5.2
Cathy 1.10
Clipboard Magic 4.01
Comodo BackUp 1
Easus Partition Master 3.5 Home Edition
Feedreader 3.1.3
Foobar 2000 0.9.6
Fx Media Batcher
Handbrake 0.9.3
Mediacoder 0.7.0 3.36
Picasa 3
Sib Icon Editor 4.0
SimpleOCR 3.1
SyncBack Freeware
TruVeo Video Manager
VideoSpin 2.0
Virtual Dub 1.8.8
WaterMark V2
Cool MP3 Mixer 1.01
Expresseur 2.0.8b
ActiveSolid 2.6.8
AD Sound Recorder 4.4
Cfont Pro
CineCenter 1.3.2
Decompile Flash Free
DipTrace 2.0
EasyFLV Streaming Video 8.0 build 0.0.1
Episode 5.1
EximiousSoft Banner Maker 2.72
FaceMorpher Multi 2.51
Flash Protection Gold 1.41
Flex jpg Animator 8.77
Free PowerPoint to PDF Converter 5.5
Image Clip Hunter 8.10
Media Pop Up Ad Maker 8.0
RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker 1.03.01
SmoothDraw 3.1.3
Solid PDF Creator 5.1.204
SquidNet Network Distribution Processor 2.18
Sweet Home 3D 1.8
Wirecast 3.5.1

Spryka Desktop Budget Lite 2.0
Notepad2 3.0.20
AceMoney Lite 3.16
Calendar Magic 17.2
Efficient Diary 1.51 build 25
FET - Free Timetabling Software 5.9.3
NeedForTrade Studio Lite 3.2
PhoneTray 1.33
Rainlendar Lite 2.5 Build 72
RGS-CardMaster 6.0.5
Savings Bond Wizard 4.15
Simple Home Budget Lite 1.7.5
Smart Diary 4.40
Smartstock 7.2
Splendid City Scheduler Lite
Task Coach 0.72.1
Text Encoder 2.0
Tiny Pad 2.0
Wammu 0.29

Dolphinity Organiser 2.1
NolaPro 4.0.4394
BillQuick Lite 2009 10.0.60
BillQuick Web Suite 2009 10.0.68
Brochure Template 1.0
Ghost Meeting 1.1
GreenLights 2.1
My Tenant Management System (MySQL as Database) 1.5
Nebula Business Suite 1.1
Primitive Word Counter 1.09
SnapshotMyVM 1.0
SoHoMoney 9.04.06
TortoiseSVN 1.6.1
Yugma Web Conferencing 4.1
SoftDrom RFBServer 1.0.4

Astronomy 160
Lecture 2 - Planetary Orbits
Lecture 3 - Our Solar System and the Pluto Problem
Lecture 4 - Discovering Exoplanets: Hot Jupiters

Linux Journal

AIR Applications
Host File Tricks
Network Troubleshooting
RSI Break
Symbolic Links
Top Commands
Upgrade Linux - Install IE7

Bleeding Edge TV

Bleeding Edge TV 300: White Beats by Dr. Dre
Bleeding Edge TV 301: Mophie Juice Pack
Bleeding Edge TV 302: Zune Originals hands-on
Bleeding Edge TV 303: Beats by Dr. Dre versions
Bleeding Edge TV 304: An in-depth look a LASIK part 1
Bleeding Edge TV 305: An in-depth look a LASIK part 2
Bleeding Edge TV 306: An in-depth look a LASIK part 3

Introduction to Robotics

Lecture 1 - Course Overview
Lecture 2 - Spatial Descriptions
Lecture 3 - Homogeneous Transform Interpretations
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Obsessed with Technology
It is going to be fantastic week ahead with magazine.

Good Contents in Magazine and DVD's especially Robotics and Work@tech.

Could have been a great package but by giving fasttrack on freeware you just spoilt the party.


Broken In
The Problem continues..... no digit archive...... And by the way where is the Game Section..??????????? There are only reviews and videos....... I was expecting fast track to dot net or SQL..........The Mag looks ok.. Thanks for rescue CD :razz:
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Debian Gnu/Linux User
dvd contents good..
but fast track to free ware.. once again repeated... im really disappointing.
lot of new topics have discussed in suggestion sections. but nothing was imposed..


Simply a DIGITian
Staff member
gr8 dvd contents as well as articles...............specially Robotics......

But Fast Track is dissapointing............

Thnx for rescue cd..........


I'm not sure if something is wrong with my dvd player, but neither of the discs with the May dvd work for me. One disk of april didnt work either.

I received the May issue on the 28th of April, so it's good to see digit have successfully sorted out their delivery issues.


Super Moderator
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Welcome back of the good old fast track to freeware after Nov 2005 ( the 1st time I bought Digit ) :p

But what about dreamweaver & fireworks CS4.

Thanks for those tech vids.


In the zone
FT to Freeware ??????????????????????????????????
The only reason I buy the mag is for the FT and the articles on new technologies.
Please don't spoil the FT series by such issues.


FT is THE reason why many people buy the mag and the guys come up with FAST TRACK TO FREEWARE ??? :|

and btw, interesting that there is
Websites to Waste time on
We scour the web, and find the websites for when you have time to kill

people who've read the mag..can you please tell me if they have included
on the list :p


Staff member
The last fast track to freeware was a long listing of all the possible freeware available. This time around, based on popular feedback we received via email, we've given you workshops and how tos to help you actually use the software we've listed.

I hope you guys will change your mind once you read it, because there's a lot of interesting tutorials in there, and it's another step in our attempt to reduce piracy and save money for those who pay for their software.


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Just bought the mag on yesterday night. I must admit it's an awesome issue :p & the fast track to freeware just rocks as I'm a freeware software user for a long time now.

Welcome back of the good old fast track to freeware after Nov 2005 ( the 1st time I bought Digit ) :p

But what about dreamweaver & fireworks CS4.

Thanks for those tech vids.

Sorry for the mistake. The nov 2005 fasttarck was essential windows tools.

The fast track to freeware was last published on March 2007. Now it's May 2009. So it's 26 months later & the contents are not repeated.

The only thing I'll suggest about this & upcoming issue is if you have to repeat
a particular fast track name just make it 2.0, 3.0 & so on.

For eg : Fast Track To Freeware 2.0 :p


EXIT: DATA Junkyard
I liked the mag, but I wished the DVD game content wud have been better. plz dun include useless games (demos are the worst). If a demo of prototype is available, tht wud hav been better than some of the other game demos.


Good One.

Specially the Editorial by Raboo. Its touching and today's truth. I love the Editorials by Raboo then that Senior Editor. Use of Simple Language and Day to day topics. Make me to read it at first.

Digital SLR review is Nice but with only few options to look about. (Although I am not buying any one soon as I had bought Cannons SX110IS but very interested in them after my purchase.)


Right off the assembly line
Oh ****, it's again !!!!

You guys are really doing such a fantastic job, but I'm little bit disappointed from you, What's the reason you are not giving "Digit Software Archive". It's the main part !
I ever tries to update it, it hands up, n ......

Plz avail it or give any other way to get it. Plzzzzzzzzz.
N ya, this month's issue is rocking.


Always confused

One serious advice. The Essential section needs to be updated and I think the section has more audience than anyother(i use it after my windows reinstallation) but the software are outdated and also there are more good ones available for free.

My list:

.net Framework 3.5 SP1
JDK 1.6 update13 (give JDK not JRE as it includes JRE also and the compiler javac)
VLC 0.9.9
7-zip or Peazip (note that Winrar is not freeware but you are mentioning it as free.)
Free Download Manger
XAMPP or EasyPHP 3.0 a must
Opera, Firefox, IE8 all three are must not only Opera so that users have their own choices.
Windows Live Essentials full
Notepad++ a must
Revo Uninstaller
Adobe Reader 9.1

Please consider these as a serious advice and I hope many will be benifited from this compilation


Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
@Raaboo ...... plz do start email service 2 subscriber abt our copy dispached & details of he courier company also ....

as v cannot track our issue & it arrives LATE if v JUST wait .....

many ppl HERE will agree with me .....
@Raaabo: Tatoo your head. Looks sorta dumb when left blank.

Other than that: Well, I think you could include a page with updated prices of all reviewed hardware and gadgets. Would be really helpful to choose, because by dividing digit benchmark scores by price we can get better VFM ratings. While benchmark scores don't change, price changes and hence so does performance/price ratio. I still haven't forgiven digit for giving best buy to an Rs. 6,000 8600GT an year or two back when its actual price was 4500 and it was already eclipsed by HD3650.


Always confused
DVD contents not nice these days.

The linux distros are all alphas and betas. Why?
If you have more space then have a look at Debian Leny, Cent OS and a whole bunch of distros listed in
Why not give the ubuntu repo in DVDs?

MS Office service packs given previous months were also useless. Why SP1,2,3? if only SP3 is sufficient?
BTW this month Office 2007 SP2 is released so you should have waited for one month.

Again why not have more focus on the developer section. You can give SQL Server 2008 trail. The VS2008SP1 given by you is not actually SP1 it is instead the old SP none version and no one noticed it. I have installed it yesterday over VS2008 and noticed that it is the same. Have a serious look at your DVD compilation.
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