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  1. harshilsharma63

    how to pass time in lectures

    Hi. I'm pursuing B.Tech. in computer science from a private college. Most of the teachers in my department are sub-standerd and I have a tough time sitting in their lecture. They keep on dictating notes and all the stupid girls keep on promoting this note-making sh*t. Please suggest how should...
  2. Anorion

    Preview + Feedback [July 2009]

    OUT TO GET YOU Your data or your life; nothing is safe anymore Filled with valuable information, this issue is will increase your awareness on security and tell you of some basic remedies in the event of a worm or viral attack. You will also learn ways to keep your data as well as yourself...
  3. Anorion

    Preview + Feedback June 2009

    June 2009 is the 8th Anniversary of Digit and it brings along a month-long Carnival and a magazine that is so packed with content, it bends space and time. This Best Issue Ever (tm) is more than 180 pages thick and brimming with articles, including the most comprehensive smartphone test, a look...
  4. Anorion

    Preview + Feedback, May 2009

    Enter Inbox Industry Connect We talk to Atindriya Bose of Sony Computer Entertainment about India's first PS2 game, Hanuman. Buzz Do we have to wait even more for 3G? Get all the dirt on recent developments in technology Connections Web Watch Bored of the way Google simply...
  5. a_medico

    Plz suggest a media player(video) to alter speed/pitch

    I have these dumb 200hrs VIDEO lectures (.avi) on my comp. Each lecture being 60mins each. Now I am a bit impatient so I need to finish these lecture fast. This is what I tried :- Winamp 5 I run the video lecture in winamp... Use this plugin called PACEMAKER by which i can adjust...
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