1. jonty

    galaxy s duos screen bleeding

    guys i bought a samsung galaxy s duos on 7th and when was playing with it at night.....saw light bleeding on top right part of the screen......nthing big although only visible in the dark......but it is irritating me like hell.......talked with customer care they are only taking interest in...
  2. T

    Samsung LED monitor bleeding issue

    I purchased the Samsung monitor last week (23 inches LED), and i noticed that when the screen is full black, i can see the blue color bleeding the right bottom corner of the monitor. I called the samsung customer technician, he (and various sources on internet) says that its the luck game, every...
  3. Renny

    Benq G2222HDL backlight bleeding

    I purchased this monitor on 1st July 2011, its not even been a year and there's some pretty heavy back-light bleeding, checkout the photo:- I've observed the bleeding only since the past few days, can't say whether it was developing gradually. Will it get worst? What could have...
  4. G

    Good monitors for gaming and watching movies?

    Preferable size : 23''-24'' Budget: 10-14k It shouldn't have bleeding or ghosting issues., and it should be full hd.
  5. topgear

    [Complaint] Cheated by Viewsonic - Resolved by Digit

    getting some Backlight Bleeding issue at the bottom ( 5 in total and they look like circles of 2 cm ) and right bottom side ( a straight line around 3 cm in wide ) of my 19 inch 3 yaers old viewsonic (VG921m ) monitor ( still 5 months left for warranty ) ... should I replace it ... will...
  6. Anorion

    Preview + Feedback, May 2009

    Enter Inbox Industry Connect We talk to Atindriya Bose of Sony Computer Entertainment about India's first PS2 game, Hanuman. Buzz Do we have to wait even more for 3G? Get all the dirt on recent developments in technology Connections Web Watch Bored of the way Google simply...
  7. rajesh201985

    SamSung 226BW Review

    INTRODUCTION and SPECS: Hi Guys this is my First REVIEW..Hope u Guys will enjoy this short story and a thrilling moniter from samsung ..which made me to make this review. If ur a gamer or a movie Buff and searching for the moniter?Then i Think this review will help u little bit The story...
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