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Here you go.
Merry Xmas, and a very happy new year.

Cover Story: How secure are you?

Digital Passion

The tech that powered evil
A lowdown on the technologies used by the terrorists during the 26/11 attack, and how the good guys can fight the usage.

Digital rights management
DRM technologies, a histrory of the laws, how the companies enforce it, DRM for different media, to what degree DRM is effective, and the downside of enforcing restrictions.

Social Engineering
The different methods and approaches of cybercriminals exploiting the weakest link in the security chain - the humans.

Digital Tools

Where on Earth am I?
The different uses of GPS devices beyond mere navigation, getting the most out of your GPS device, and how to make smart buying decisions.

Agent 001: Digital Cameras
Agent 001 helps you make an educated choice in the wide range of digital cameras available. Choose the camera that is most suitable for your needs.

Digital Business

Defence against security threats
There are a lot of threats out there, and a cyber criminals looking at your network with malicious intent - this article details the countermeasures of developing a comprehensive strategy to safeguard the company's network from attacks.

Bomb-safe the office
How to make sure that all your employees are prepared for an blast, and measures to be taken at the time of an attack.

Digital Leisure/ Game On
Left 4 Dead
NFS: Undercover
Far Cry2

Motherboards tested
GPS devices tested
Business laptops tested

Enter, Escape + Drool Maal + Regulars

How To
Forum siggies in photoshop
Handling paper jams

30 Minutes Expert
Mouse-free browsing

Tips N Tricks
Nero 9
Mozilla Firebird

FastTrack to PHP



Alibre Design Xpress 11
AmitySource UserBar Generator 2.2
AnimatorDV Simple 9.02
Beneton Movie GIF 1.1.2
Bryce 5.5
DAZ Studio
DesignPro Limited Edition 5.2.1201
Desktop T Shirt Creator 1.1
Diagram Designer 1.21
DVD Identifier
DynamicFactory 4.1
Lego Digital Designer 2
Master-Design Art-Shop X-Lite 17.4.36
OrangeCD Player
Photobie Design Studio 2.2.1
Quick Media Converter
Soundflavor DJ
Synfig Studio 0.61.05
The GodFather
ACDSee Photo Manager 10
Corel PhotoImpact X3
Magic Photo Editor 4.64
MAGIX Xtreme PhotoStory on CD and DVD 7.0
Real Player Gold 11
SnagIt 9.0.2
StillMotion PE 2 2.0.3875

1st MP3 Torrent Downloader 2.8
Aardvark Desktop Creator 1
Acoo Browser 1.90.966
Avanquest Connection Manager - Free Edition 2.0.3
Avant Browser 11.5.16
Camfrog Video Chat 5.1.127
Earthstationv 1.0
Free Phone 2.0
Free Webcam Watcher 1
Full Speed 3.0
Gigaget Download Manger
HomeCamera 4.3
Integrity Messenger 4.11
IP Hider 3.4 build 57
Java Desktop SMS 1.0
Lphant Plus 1.00
Monesafe 2006
Mozy Free Remote Backup 1.6
Ozum 5.00
Paessler Site Inspector
Web Services Accelerator 2.00
Zultrax P2P 4.28

Ad-aware 2008
Advanced WindowsCare 2.00
Amanda Community Edition 2.5+
bScreen 1.0
CachemanXP 1.5
Comodo Registry Cleaner
Doctor Alex Antispyware
EMCO Malware Destroyer 3.14
HDClone Free Edition 3.6+
Instant Memory Cleaner 7.1+
Rambooster 2.0
RegXcrub VistaXP
Roadkil's Raw Copy
Spyware Terminator
Super Fdisk Bootable CD
X-Setup Pro 6.5

.net Framework 2.0
.net Framework 3.5
µTorrent 1.8.1
Avast Home Edition 4.8
Comodo Internet Security Pro 3.5.55810.432
Foxit Reader 3.0
Free Download Manager 2.5 build 758
Irfan View 4.20
Java(TM) 2 Runtime
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack FULL 4.2.5
Opera 9.6
Spybot Search and Destroy 1.6.0
VLC Player 0.9.4
WinRAR 3.80

Updates and Add-ons
Adobe Shockwave
Avast Update
AVG Update
Java runtime update
Kaspersky definition Update
Norton Internet security update
Spybot updates


HD Trailers
Astro Boy
Local Color
New in Town
Nobel Son
Nothing But the Truth
Star Trek
The International
The Reader
Yonkers Joe

Elephant's Dream
Man in Man
O Grande Ditador (The Great Dictator)
The Terror
Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet


Arc Aether Anomalies
War Rock 040808
Harvest Massive Encounter
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
World of Goo

Far Cry K-9 Vision v1.1 Mod
Naruto Little Fighter
True Combat: Elite
Unreal Tournament 2004 Red Orchestra v3.3 Full Install

Afro Samurai
Black Mesa Source
Chronicles of Spellborn
Mirror's Edge
Ninja Blade
Star Ocean: The Last Hope



Adobe Flash Pro CS4
Adobe AfterEffects CS4
Adobe Illustrator CS4
Adobe Indesign CS4
Adobe Lightroom CS4
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Adobe Acrobat Pro CS4

Ashampoo ClipFinder
Ashampoo Core Tuner
Ashampoo Burning Studio 2009
Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2
Ashampoo Photo Commander 6
Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2


Angel Writer 3.0
authorPOINT Lite for PowerPoint 2.0
BeamYourScreen 2.0.5
CHM Owner Guard 8.3.0
CopyWriter 3.00
cVue 0.7
Diagram Designer 1.21
docPointer Visual ReadMe 2.0
InfoRapid KnowledgeMap 2005e
Natural Word from Software Theories 1.0.0
NetViz 7.0
NoteMagic Lite
nPowered Presenter 3.20.1437
numberGo Publisher 1.4
PDF Action Free PDF Reader 1.6
Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard 2.1
The Presentation Launcher 1.0
WhiteBoard 2.0
WordBase4ME 4.05
3D Graph Generator 2.4.0
Ability Spreadsheet 4.14
Antechinus Draw Magic 2.2
Atlantis Word Processor
ClassDraw 1.01
ClearBoard 1.3.0
ConceptDraw VI 6.0
DiagramStudio 5.2
DoneEx XCell Compiler 1.9.3
EDGE Diagrammer 6.04.2020
Flow Diagrams 1.0
IntroCreator 2.46.00
Killink CSV 1.2.1
Liquid Media 2.01

Database Management
Active Query Builder Free Edition 1.7.9
DaFT 1.0
eva3 Universal Database Converter 1.2
Firebird - Relational Database 1.0
FlySpeed SQL Query 1.1
Free SQL Compare 1.1
Idera SQLcheck 2.0
Logicity - Crystal Reports Viewer 1.6.0003
MuSQL 2.51
MySQL 6.0 Enterprise
Scribes Report Tool
SQL Studio Query eXecutor 1.1
SQLCreator 2.0
XAMPP 1.6.8
Access-to-MySQL 3.1
AdeptSQL Workshop 1.01
Advanced Database Query 1.1
Advanced Database Query Automaton 1.1
Advanced SQL Recovery 1.0
Advanced SQL To HTML Table Converter 1.1
Advanced SQL To PDF Table Converter 1.1
AlligatorSQL 1.15
blueshell Data Guy 2.02.0004
CASE Studio 2 2.22
DAC for MySQL 2.6.3
Database Design Studio Lite 2.21.0
DBExplorer 2.2.2
DBF Comparer 2.34
DBSurveyor for SQL Server 1.0.1
MyCon Professional MySQL GUI 2005.2.9.0
RazorSQL 4.2.9
SQL Weaver 2.50 for ODBC With XML 2.500h
SQLStomper 1.0
Survey Power 6.10

AutoCAD Drawing Viewer 2.1.9
CadStd Lite 3.5.9
DesignBots 1
Diagram Designer 1.21
DWG Search 2.3
DwgSee Plus 1.2
eDrawings 2008 SP01
FreeCAD 8
Live DXF2BMP 1
LiveSwif Lite 2.1
MyCAD Viewer 1
PCB Artist 1.2
PowerDraw 3
Sweet Home 3D 1.4
TigerCad 3.001
WinTopo 1.61
AutoCAD 2009

FastTrack to PHP

Fast Track
Fast Track [Fast Track Cover]
Pokat Reader
PHP Source Files
Fast Track Video

PHP Tools
PHP Designer 2007 - Personal 5.0.2
EasyPHP 2.0 beta 1
PHP Generator for MySQL 7.10
PHPTriad 2.2
Source Edit 4.0 revision 3
Php Database Wizard 0.3
Notepad++ 4.7.5
Firebird PHP Generator 7.10
DontKillTime for PHP 1
Easy PHP Highlighter 2
DSV PHP Editor 2.3
MS SQL PHP Generator 7.4
Oracle PHP Generator 7.4
PostgreSQL PHP Generator 7.10
CodeLobster PHP Edition 1.4.1
SQLite PHP Generator 8.1
Smilehouse Workspace Small Business 1.10
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2 DVDs ???? Wats the price ?? Have u replaced the CD with the DVD ??? is it dual layer too (it does look like DL considering the size of those SUITES ) ....???


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Thanks Anorion for the preview

You guys are giving FastTrack on the DVD as a e-book. Am I right ?
A very good step

Merry Christmas, and I wish a very happy new year to Digit Guys & all Forumm Members.


Overlord v2.0
Gee, What a Christmas present! Thanks Anorion!

Contents look nice! Thanks for the Naruto Little Fighter mod!
I wanted to ask whats the use of including a how to on "Forum siggies in Photoshop"??? On TDF, we aren't even allowed images in signatures! Only for other forums? Ah, well! But I won't give a double thumbs up till I get to lay my hands on the mag.
Oh, and Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to team digit too!
Can you please start giving GIMP tutorials instead of PhotoShop tutorials ?
Most of us either can't afford PhotoShop or have pirated version of it.
And yeah, there is a software called GIMPshop. Its a gimp mod to make it look like photoshop.
I hear it has similar controls to photoshop. But I am still not sure if its a good enough clone.

And yeah, thanks for TWO DVDs. Are they both Dual Layer ?


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In one word.
The issue is LOADED.

Guys please dont miss this issue.

Keep up the good work and ya thanks Anorion for the extra effort.


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@harryneopotter, MetalheadGautham
Yeah, both the DVDs are DL

@azaad_shri75, j_h
No no linux. Sorry. Maybe next time.

@topgear, yeah we are giving FT as an e-book on the DVD, along with a video introduction


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Originally Posted by Anorion
@topgear, yeah we are giving FT as an e-book on the DVD, along with a video introduction

Thanks for that. A nice step toward a green future world & saving our planet.


E-book is preferred along with hardcopy. We can get plenty of tutorials from the net & learn, but I don't do this because constant reading damages eyes. Try to read an e-book continuosly for 20 mins & u'll see what happens.

So, infact a bad step. We want fasttrack in "PRINT".

Cool G5

Conversation Architect
Can you please start giving GIMP tutorials instead of PhotoShop tutorials ?


i expected Fedora 10 / open suse 11.00. both are missing.


FT is better left as a hard copy, no need to provide the E-version, as most of us like to read books than to squint and read the fine print on our monitors :razz:


||uLtiMaTE WinNER||
FT is better left as a hard copy, no need to provide the E-version, as most of us like to read books than to squint and read the fine print on our monitors :razz:


I too prefer hard copy. Watching the monitor for 1+ hrs mks me cry.....


God of Mistakes...
Thanks for Fast Track to PHP.
Also Database management tools section is nice.
Overall nice issue. :)

But Linux is really missing... :(


Broken In
this edition is real gift to programmers but wating for dot net fast track, and one more thing where is the digit archive software ????????? pl bring it back


Long Live Gojira!
Is World of Goo full version or demo??? I read the review of that game on December 2008 Issue & it's a small game. Surely, Lost Planet's Demo, eh??
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