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Feedback: Jan-2009:

While the recent terror attacks on Mumbai did make me more vigilant and aware of my surroundings, i was more than surprised by the editorial "Let Big Brother Watch"!!

I do understand the need to fortify our country, and given that our reliance on computers and the internet has reached a point of it being a part of our lifestyle, i am for fortifying our internet communications also. But i am totally against letting anyone (especially the government, given their track record for online security of their own content) snoop into my computer in the name of 'national security'. As the end for EoTS goes, 'The government does not have the right to breach the sanctity of my house no matter what...'

Yes, the terror attack was gruesome and made all those cool gadgets we have accepted as our lifestyle work against us, but that does not mean i'll let anyone peek into mine in the name of security.

I found it very odd that the violation of privacy incurred in an external agency monitoring my Google searches, my orkut posts, my web mail and my sms is being trivialized by comparing it to being patted down at a mall by attention-less personnel who i am not sure even know what to look for! And dare they try to peek inside my wallet! Although i understand the sentiment behind it, i can safely say that these two aren't even the in the same ballpark.

I will not be so paranoid and anxious by the terror attacks as to relinquish my online privacy to any external entity. What i will do is not take my liberties for granted. I will fortify my wireless connection, make my online passwords stronger, resist from storing them in my wallet, and will spend some of my hard earned money in a good quality and legit security software, rather than hunting for cracked versions on p2ps. What i will do is make sure "I" keep strong tabs on what information is coming in or leaving my computer/internet connection, rather than leave it open for interception by an external entity. What i will do is minimize the probability that i am used as a weapon for terror.

As far as my civic responsibility goes, I will urge the online search engines to make sure that their top-notch search spiders seek information such as making bombs and child porno and make these available to the worldwide security agencies for scrutiny. And i will demand a death sentence for anyone who dares indulge in these gruesome practices so that an example is set for those who try to fester anarchy.

Letting government take over the internet is going to create more problems than it solves, given how ours are so easily sold to businessmen. (Satyam , anyone!!!)

I can go on and on here, but i'll conclude with this. My desire for online privacy is as strong as my desire to never again light a candle at the Gateway of India. And for that, "I" shall become proactive and take steps, rather than be paranoid, put my hands up and say "Let big bro watch!" That's hardly civic!

You should have written a Mail to the editor. I don't think it'll get noticed here..


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So after reading it from library, I actually bought it. This issue is soooo cool!. The Pokat Reader software and FT ebook combo is great. Much better then reading Hardcopy! Really liked it!
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