1. anirbandd

    Part time Photographer/Photoshopper job

    Hi all, I am a self taught photographer and photoshopper. My gears and my photos are in my siggy. i am mostly interested in landscapes/timelapse/travel photography, although i have done conceptual/portrait photography too. By photoshopping, i mean photo-correction, enhancement, etc...
  2. M

    used Core2duo mac mini?

    Hai friends? I would like to buy a new system my current system is pentium D processor and i think i like to get the core2duo mac mini which is used but its in fair condition and the price tag is between 14-18k is it good enough i would like to go for mac mini bcoz of its smaller size yet...
  3. sujeet2555

    weird user account applet problem

    hi.i have window xp sp2.i am recently getting a strange problem.here it is http://i32.tinypic.com/ehlxfm.jpg it is only showing only that much portion only .i am unable to get it full.it occur to some other application also like adobe cs4 installer.
  4. R

    Price of photoshop CS4

    What is the price of Photoshop CS4 in India(single user & multiuser)?
  5. piyushp_20

    Critical error while installing Adobe CS4

    Guys i am having trouble installing Adobe creative suite CS4.. The setup gives me an undefined critical error and tells to see the log for details. Searched about the error all over but couldnt find any solution.
  6. Anorion

    [Preview + Feedback] January 2009

    Here you go. Merry Xmas, and a very happy new year. Cover Story: How secure are you? Digital Passion The tech that powered evil A lowdown on the technologies used by the terrorists during the 26/11 attack, and how the good guys can fight the usage. Digital rights management DRM...
  7. M

    ideal laptop config for work with 3ds max 9 & adobe cs4 master collection

    Hi, I need to work with 3ds max 9 and the adobe CS4 master collection (especially premiere pro and after effects) exclusively.Please suggest a suitable laptop configuration for me Budget - (40-50 k) OK ,Finalised Please anybody reply
  8. nvidia

    Adobe releases Creative Suite 4

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