Preview + Feedback [April 2011]

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Security Special
Are you (In) Secure? - An in-depth look at how secure you, your data and your money really are today

Cover Features
Is Android Secure – We take a closer look at the murky realities surrounding Android's security
Security threats you should know about – Find out the top security holes lurking around to get your data, money and life!
Web site hacking – How easy it is
Cyber Crime's most infamous faces
Security companies - The future
How secure are the latest web browsers?

Fast Track to Autodesk 3DS Max – If you always wanted to create something in graphic designing and 3D modelling this Fast Track is for you!

Special features
How stuff works – Lucid Hydra: Run an AMD as well as an NVIDIA card off the same motherboard
GNOME 3 - A first look

DIY – A multi-boot pendrive
Learn – The weirdest coding languages
Compare – Security suites compared
Play – The top 5 iPad games

Android Ahoy! - 25+ Android ohones tested; Which one should you buy?

World View – This time we bring you the best from ARS Technica and tell you if there is a cure for bad apps!

Agent 001 – Graphics cards

All the latest happenings from CeBIT - digital industry's biggest, most international event

Regular Features
Tips & Tricks - Ubuntu 10.10, Pidgin, Maya 2011 and more
Mobile Watch - iPad2 Vs Xoom Vs Galaxy Tab II
Web Watch - Browser wars, Pwn2Own

Bazaar Review Highlights
Canon SX30IS – High quality ultra zoom
Dell Inspiron M501R – Quad power on budget
Creative ZiiSound D5 – Wireless freedom but sound could have been better
Samsung S8530 Wave II – A bigger better wave
ASUS N53JQ – A complete entertainment powerhouse

Bulletstorm review – Is this reinvetion of the FPS genre? Find out what we have to say
Mortal Kombat

DVDs at a glance
Security suites special – All the security tools you will need to stay safe online
Desktoop enhancement tools – Over 500 MB of software, widgets, themes, cursors and HD wallpapers to beautify your desktop
Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo

Dragon Age 2 Demo
Design tools – Unleash your creativity in animation, web designing and Flash with our hand-picked selection of design tools
Video Tutorials – Learn Adobe Dreamweaver and basics of Python programming

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In the zone
although, having both DA 2 and Crysis 2 seems good,i cannot see Win7sp1 and neither a good linux distro.
i think i am skipping this one.


although, having both DA 2 and Crysis 2 seems good,i cannot see Win7sp1 and neither a good linux distro.
i think i am skipping this one.

Well in case you haven't noticed there are two good distros this month.
VortexBox - Fedora-based Linux distribution that turns an unused computer into an easy-to-use music server or jukebox.
Joli OS - Ubuntu-based Linux distribution for netbooks.

Crysis 2 MP demo don't work anymore. :(

Ofcourse it'll work...


Techno Freak
Boooooooooooooooring Issue!!!!
I dint find any thing new..
All is Same Andy GAGA and same old article like tab comparison , browser comparison.

And this Insecure web artile is comming every 2nd issue in Magazine..............

will skip this issue


Legend Never Ends
Get the patch here-

Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo v1.2 Patch for PC Download at GameSpot

does it have single player?


Your Ad here
Zeitgeist III was a welcome. Even Sintel was really good for a good TP.
As for the games, my PC woul blast if even I double-clicked on the Crisis setup :)P)
@echoplxx You started the preview thread on 25th March, but the magazine is not available here @local newsstands (Delhi). Issue running late this time ?


Legend Never Ends
Guys feedback to advert of digit anniversary on pg-57.

Pls dont price annivesary issue @250
If you do give us 4 dvds atleast.
Give us atleast one blockbuster game(call of duty or any other big game)
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