1. bssunilreddy

    My Chrome is saying "Not Secure"

    Hai, My Chrome is saying "Not Secure" when I type in digit or any other site in order to log in to that forum or mail. It's like this as below: Is it normal for everybody when they are logging into Digit or any mail id? Please tell me!
  2. K


    Hi Guys, What is the way to set a very secure password to lock and unlock WINDOWS7 ULTIMATE?
  3. patkim

    Motherboard supporting UEFI + Secure Boot

    As I plan to build my new desktop (general home computing) at this point I have to start with my first requirement that it should have a mid-range motherboard AMD AM3+ or Intel 1150 or similar that supports UEFI + Secure Boot. Unfortunately info about secure boot support is poorly documented on...
  4. Pratik Pawar

    wi-fi Router Buying advice..

    for the 1st time ever m gonna buy a wi-fi router, plzz suggest me a good allrounder router in the range of 1000-1200rs more secure, easy, stayin in a 1BHK 550sq.ft. 1 antenna wud do. gonna put in 1 corner of the house. which brand is the best, reliable? more secure.. simple entry level wi-fi...
  5. pkkumarcool

    {HELP) Sbi debit card,3d secure and otp

    Hey guys i just got my new bank account.I got sbi visa debit card.I registered my fathers mobile no. for the account.My father already have sbi mastero card atm registered with the same no. the mastero card work perfectly for transaction and is 3d secure ready.But when i try to register my new...
  6. M

    Spring for Galaxy S5 from iPhone5?

    Hi, I have the iPhone5 and I love what I have, but the S5 seems pretty awesome too. I really love iPhone, but in the meantime I don’t want to get too attached to it, so I am thinking of springing for a phone with the capability of replacing extended batteries. I do feel more secure holding my...
  7. vijju6091

    Largest Collection of video Game Record

    Guys, This Guy is having really large collection of games, in front of him even steam employee will feel poor against him as far as collection is go. New York man's 10,607 video games secure Guinness title Any comments??
  8. A

    Apple releases iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

    Hi guys, Apple releasesiPhone 5C and iPhone 5S Apple introduced its latest flagship iPhone, the iPhone 5s. The new iPhone retains the designs and dimensions of last year’s iPhone 5, but adds a faster processor, an improved camera and a new feature called Touch ID, which allows the owner to...
  9. D

    I want to secure my Laptop from Internal Threats

    Hello digitians can anyone help me secure my connection in internal network. i'm using internet in my laptop using wi-fi connection. but im not sure that the connection is secure. could you please suggest me a software which can protect me from lan hacking. i see some guys trying to access...
  10. M

    internet security

    hii i am getting a red crossed mark on the lock sign in the browser tab (where the ip address is written).i know that google searches are secure..and a green light ought to be does that mean that my computer security has been jeopardised??can anyone shed light on this plz?? thanx
  11. D


    I am wondering if "raw logic netbrute" is a legitimate and safe program to use to see if my network information is secure??
  12. T

    Uttar pradesh tech university failed to secure its own website...

    UPTU is a technical University and has produced so many Engineers. but it is not able to manage and secure its own website. what the companies will think the university which is not able to secure itself how that will provide us Engineers? Nitin Pandey from uttar pradesh had revealed...
  13. RBX

    A database without using DBMS

    I want to store textual encoded data in a file whose internal structure is that of a database's . The scenario requires saving pages of a diary - one for each day (specific date). I do not want to use 3rd party softwares and want to get it done with programming language alone via file...
  14. B

    TP-Link Wireless routers in India.

    Hi, Where to purchase TP-LINK WIRELESS Routers online in a secure way. Kindly advise.
  15. william

    kart fliped (flipkart)

    i have never purchased from online sites.. and thus not sure abt how much secure and safe they are.. i want to know is flipkart safe and secure?..and whats the gurantee product is genuine?
  16. echoplxx

    Preview + Feedback [April 2011]

    Security Special Are you (In) Secure? - An in-depth look at how secure you, your data and your money really are today Cover Features Is Android Secure – We take a closer look at the murky realities surrounding Android's security Security threats you should know about – Find out the top...
  17. soyab0007

    Shipping Query (Help)

    i have some Q regarding shipping.. I want to sell my mobile to a person living in delhi & i stay in mumbai.. I have never done shipping.. So anyone here plz provide me reliable,cheap & secure courier service available in mumbai to send product to delhi... & what steps to be taken while...
  18. NewsBytes

    Facebook introduces onetime password and remote logout features

    Facebook has introduced two new security features, what it hopes will make users feel more secure: Onetime Passwords, and Remote Logout. As always, through the many iterations of Facebook’s security features and policies, just how secure Facebook is depends a lot on just how secure the...
  19. Tenida

    Protecting Wireless network??

    I have a trendnet wireless router I use connecting laptop,Nokia n79 wireless to surf internet.But how to secure the wifi network??Name a free software to protect the wireless network.
  20. papul1993

    Tor Query

    I have been using tor for a long time and quite satisfied at its service. However I want to know the amount of privacy I will get. I know that tor relays our data through more than one computer. I also know that during viewing a https:// page a secure connection is estabhlished between the...
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