Prepare to Get Doomed; the 4th Time!

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The Doom series needs no introduction. Any gamer worth his first person shooter (FPS) salt would know! After almost four years of the release of Doom 3, id software has now announced on its Web site that they have begun production of Doom 4.

Doom is touted as one of the most influential games of all time. The fourth iteration will join the award-winning series that has consistently topped sales charts the world over. No news yet on which platforms the game will grace but it is expected on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Meanwhile, the first game of the series was launched way back in 1993.

This isn't it; id software says they're expanding their internal team and are currently hiring especially for work on this highly-anticipated title.

Todd Hollenshead, chief executive officer of id software even said Doom is a part of the id Software DNA and demands the greatest talent and the brightest minds in the industry to bring the next installment of their flagship franchise to Earth.



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Nice to know it's coming out, but if they stick with the same dark corners, creepy monsters, long corridors, shotgun, grey and more grey concept, I don't think it goes any further than Doom 3. Something radical is always welcome.


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I Would Prefer Doom 4 To Be Something Like Wolfenstine Robots Monsters Men Etc Rather Than Brainless Monsters And Plz Add Mele Atacks


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At last the blue blooded or I should say red blooded game is comming -will get it as soon as possible after it's release :D


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even if they stick to no duct tape and dark corners with claustrophobic atmosphere, I will play the game and enjoy it.

Nothing is more enjoyable than makin a hole in demons.
I remember playing Doom 1 Part 1 Hell On Earth on my old 1992 TwinHead DOS based Laptop. Its wounderful to see how far that game has progressed today.
^^Damn, a dosbox. Me want.
get doom collector's edition then. It has all 3 parts of doom 1(hell on earth, on the shores of hell and inferno). Its supposed to run on windows, and has a normal exe file(one with its own icon, hence a new gen product) that had no troubles on my windows xp.


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I guess Doom IV wont follow Doom III's footsteps in terms of h/w requirements since it wont be a pc exclusive...

Those with current high-end cards can afford to relax for a couple of years.(for a medium resolution high quality gameplay)
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