1. anarchy0x

    Getting BSODs & cpu over temperature error & want to buy a970 GTX GPU!

    CPU Intel i5 3570k MB Maximus V Gene RAM Gskill 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram Cabinet Corsair 400r cabinet HDD 1 TB Current card is Nvidia Gforce 210 I also have Cooler master 212 hyper evo but haven't installed it yet. Thought I'd when i get a GPU.. I get BSOD & CPU overheating error at BIOS once...
  2. Desmond

    Doom 4

    The next Doom's teaser has surfaced. Therefore I think it's high time to start this thread. * Source : Doom teaser trailer promises QuakeCon reveal | PC Gamer - - - Updated - - - I think this is going to be similar to...
  3. H

    Bethesda has put up a teaser for a new game on Vine.

    Bethesda has put up a teaser for a new game on Vine. UP: Second teaser posted. * It is not Fallout according to their head of marketing. New Wolfenstein or Doom 4 possibly? Update *
  4. cyborg47

    Doom 3 BFG edition/ HD remake!

    source Doom 3 BFG Edition Coming This Fall - Doom 3 BFG Edition - PC - Can't wait!! Any doom3 fans here?
  5. vickybat

    RUMOR: Doom 4 Images Surface?

    Her's a leaked image that shows most probably the upcoming highly anticipated id software title "DOOM 4". Check it guys: Source iD Software responds to the leaked Doom 4 screenshots Says they are true.:grin:
  6. Liverpool_fan

    Doom 3 Source Code published under the GPL

    [Phoronix] Doom 3 Source Code Published Under The GPL Note the game assets do not come with the code, so you cannot just build the entire game itself using this code. Hoping to see good games coming out of this great engine. And btw the ioDoom3 Project is set up too. iodoom3
  7. Skud

    Doom ported to the Web

    So the classic video game has been ported to the web. All you need to play is just a web browser. News here:- Doom ported to the Web, video inside - TechSpot News Link here:- * I run it from FF 4.0.1 for a couple of...
  8. N

    Doom 3 help!

    I've been playing the original Doom and got quite interested in Doom franchise. So I got Doom 3, downloaded a couple of mods. But, how to install it? Or use it? Just selecting the mods from the "Mods" in the Main Menu? Or is there any other way? Please help!
  9. Xeltos

    Asus M2A-VM problm.

    I have an pc with following config. AMD x2 3800+ ASUS M2A-VM motherboard. ATI Xpress 1250 onboard graphics. 1gb Ram AMD duel core optimizer installed. I played Prince of persia triology without any problem. also completed Far Cry(1) at 1024x768 res. But I cant run DOOM3 or Heroes of...
  10. N

    Review: Acer 4530 [by NoCashBob]

    I'll start everything off by saying that the Acer 4530 is a complete sleeper notebook, only lately popping up on some folks radar, but it sure is a good one. Don't be fooled, and don't let the Intel evangelists fool you either, this notebook, provided you get the right deal, is the best bang for...
  11. Krazzy Warrior

    Doom 4

    Doom 4 Announced May 7, 2008 - The landmark Doom franchise is getting a new game in the series according to an announcement made today by id Software. The company revealed that Doom 4 is in production and that it is looking to hire talent to work on the game. It's unusual to basically...
  12. CadCrazy

    Prepare to Get Doomed; the 4th Time!

    The Doom series needs no introduction. Any gamer worth his first person shooter (FPS) salt would know! After almost four years of the release of Doom 3, id software has now announced on its Web site that they have begun production of Doom 4. Doom is touted as one of the most influential games...
  13. debsuvra

    Doom 3 Problem : Loading Never Completes!

    I own a legit copy of Doom 3. But the problem is that after installing it on XP/Vista, whenever I select New Game, the program briefly shows the Loading screen and then returns back to the main menu. :confused: I also installed the latest 1.3 patch for it but no avail. BTW I did a extensive...
  14. ratzee199

    Doom 3:re

    Hi i got a copy of DOOM 3:RE but not able to play it..(well it's not original)..caz whenever i try to play it it is asking me for a cd key and though i m keep roviding the CD key it is not accepted...please help..
  15. debsuvra

    Doom 3 is doomed!!

    I have a weird problem crawling from my PC when tries to play DOOM 3. At first it stops to play the opening video and it repeats innumerable times.:confused: When I press Esc the picture of planet mars appears:D and when I click on the new game and select the difficulty level, then it says...
  16. S

    I dont understand.

    I have completed Doom 3 a long time ago, and it ran fine with MX 4000. Now i was about to buy doom 3 Roe, i tested it in, when i ran the rest the results show my graphics card is not compatible to run the game. Then i ran the test again for doom 3 only, the result...
  17. T

    Hi..DOOM 3 Giants... Help Me..

    when i played DOOM 3, i was struggled in the last stage.. "Primary exavation".. even i hav used God and Give All Cheats... pl tell the way one by one to complete.... :-o:-o:-o
  18. S

    doom 3 dvd not working, plz help

    My Doom 3 dvd, while installing stops due to some read errors, how can i complete the installation? how can i use alcohol 120 to install the game. plz help, urgent.
  19. kool

    DOOM CLASSIC (digit dvd)**

    Hey anyone played DOOM CLASSIC which was provided on NOV.2006 DIGIT DVD?? I succesfully installed on my PC, but in game folder doom.exe was missing, Only uninstall.exe is showing with doom icon. Did anyone succesfully played????? if yes how??
  20. adithyagenius

    How to enjoy Doom 3?

    I have been playing doom 3 for a few days now. I have finished ENPRO and have started comm transfer level. But if find it boring and repetitive. Ia m only playing because of peer pressure. I heard that doom 3 has good graphics but I find it to be quite bad. I was playing HL2 before starting doom...
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