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Power req 4 the given config.

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hey guys,i just assembled a system..the config's given below...let me know the power rating of the SMPS i shud get 4 this rig...the min. required for it 2 run smoothly...thanx...

Intel Core2Duo@3.14Ghz
Intel 945GCCR M/B
nvidia 8600GT 'Fatality' Edition(256MB)
2Gb DDR2 RAM(533Mhz)-Hynix
160GB Maxtor DiamondMax20 Sata HDD(2pcs)
LG 16X DVD-Writer
Gigabyte GX-X2 chassis
Onboard sound...

I have a 400W supply that i got from a frend..will that be ok or do i need somthing better?thanx a lot..:)


Pee into the Wind...
400w will be underpowering your system.500w will be minimum for this system I guess.Also check out the amperes on +12v railing on your SMPS.This is what will matter more than anything else.Minimum for your config should be around 25 A.If your SMPS has 2 or more +12v railings,like +12v1,+12v2....Just add up all the amperes given next to them to get the total.

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