1. tamatarpakoda

    Kingston FURY DDR5 Review Event

    Be a part of the next-generation gaming experience with DDR5! Kingston invites Digit Geek Patrons to test the performance of the DDR5 PC set-up Introduction DDR5 is the next leap in the evolution of RAM and if you are looking to upgrade from DDR4, it is the right moment to do so! Kingston...
  2. R

    Request for help on Motherboard selection - Budget: 10-15K

    Hi folks, I've been noticing some random PC crashes, that for some reason I attributed to my CPU overheating because the side of my case gets hot. Since I thought of this self-diagnosed heating issue, I made the bad decision to replace the thermal paste on my processor in case it wasn't...
  3. Harveyy

    Building a low budget gaming pc under 30k

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Playing video games like gta5,witcher 3,battlefield 1,mass...
  4. Harveyy

    Availability of Intel's Pentium G4560?

    Hi there community members , i was looking to build a budget gaming pc around 30k and pentium g4560 seems to be right choice but the thing is that i cant find it online with a decent price, all the listings are either priced very high (2-3x the actual price) or are out of stock . I have also...
  5. G

    Replacement for Intel DH55TC Mobo for 1st gen i3 540

    My mobo is dead and need to replace it. Could you point me some alternatives? My system config is: Intel 1st gen i3 540 Intel DH55TC Corsair 8Gb Ram Corsair VX450 Seagate 7200 1Tb + 2Tb
  6. quicky008

    Is "AMD only" DDR2 memory compatible with intel motherboards?

    I was looking for an affordable memory upgrade for my ageing pc and i found some sellers on ebay who were offering 4GB ddr2 ram modules at fairly low prices,the catch was that they had a disclaimer that these Rams were only intended to work with AMD chipsets and were incompatible with intel...
  7. M

    Ryzen forces Intel to drop prices..

    Intel rocked to its Core over Ryzen, price drops begi I don't remember when was the last time Intel was forced to adjust its inflated prices... Competition rocks..:clap2:
  8. W

    Titan Fall 2 - Will it run on my PC

    Hi Guyz, Need your help in confirming if Titan Fall 2 will run on my PC. Here are my specs. Also what FPS will I get in my current GPU without overheating the system. I seen many people post in youtube that it runs but in can you run it in my PC website confirms it wont run :( Please help...
  9. S

    Selling my Asus p2420la 14 inch laptop core i3 8 gb ram for 21000 rs ( 15 days old )

    Brand - Asus P2420la 14 inch Purchased on - 27th december 2016 Original price - Rs 25990 from amazon . By default it came with 4 gb ram . I spent 2200 rs extra for additional 4 gb ram making it 8 gb. Specs - intel core i3 5500u 2.0 ghz processor 8 gb ddr3 1600 mhz ram ( 4 gb default...
  10. krishnandu.sarkar

    [Upgrade] Proccy, Mobo & RAM

    Currently my PC have slowed down like hell and I feel it can't keep it up anymore with the newer version of Visual Studio and SQL Server. So I'd like to upgrade my Processor, Motherboard & RAM. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid...
  11. rakesh_sharma23

    Intel’s Kaby Lake Core i7-7700K Review

    Intel’s Kaby Lake Core i7-7700K Review We are very excited to get an early sample of Intel’s next 7th generation of Kaby Lake desktop processor. The Intel Core I7-7700K to be exact and prepared this review/comparison to show what new Intel is to...
  12. G

    Graphics Driver not compatible !!

    I have HP DV6-6165tx (8Gb RAM). Every game used to run smoothly on the laptop but few games didn't run at all like Metal Gear Revengeance, Max Payne 3 and Watch Dogs.... The last game which I played on it was COD Advanced Warfare and it was running good at low settings. On the internet I got to...
  13. gohan89

    intel i5-6600 with b150 vs i5-6600k with z170 for gaming

    I am really confused whether I should for the Intel i5-6600 (non-K) with b150 vs i5-6600k with z170 for gaming when paired with the Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming GTX 1070. I will be primarily gaming @ 1080 for 50-60 fps atleast @ high settings for the coming 4-5 years ( I know GTX 1070 is overkill for...
  14. A

    Is Lenovo X1 Carbon used 3 years worth 425$ ?

    Hello everyone. Is Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook worth 425$ (400€ or 340£)? It was used 3 years. Specs: CPU - Intel Core i7 3667U (2.00GHz) Memory - 8GB RAM Storage - 250GB SSD Graphics Card - Intel HD Graphics 4000 Screen - 14"; 1600 x 900 resolution Operating System -...
  15. I

    Intel CPU 100 degree temperature

    Hi, I have following case Desire | Cabinets | Intermediate | Zebronics - Always Ahea (many pics there of it's inside) Recently got my intel stock cooler replaced by intel . Now I am getting very bad cpu temp under load. Cpu temps reaches near 90-100 degree within 2 min. I have tested...
  16. quicky008

    Looking for intel & nvidia case stickers-where can i find them?

    I'm looking for "intel inside" case stickers for core 2 duo and core i5 cpus and some nvidia "Geforce Gtx" stickers-any ideas as to where i can purchase them,possibly in quantities of 10 or more for each?Normally they are included by the manufacturers with the boxed versions of their...
  17. S

    i5 6500 vs i5 6600k for gaming?

    Hello guys! So I am planning to build a pc in the next month or two and I was wondering how vital is overclocking for gaming performance and does it really give a major difference? I mean will the i5 6500 stay relevant for another 2-3 years down the line? Additional info - I am planning...
  18. topgear

    Intel Xeon LGA 771 on a Moded LGA 775 Socket .. A Platform ahaed of it's time

    Now we are in a time when manufacturers are coming up with everything " locked" to shoo away enthusiasts ( sans the hardcore and sponsored ones ). But personally my mind is still on the time when LGA 775 platform was in it full mature state where you can overclock, mod almost any supported cpu...
  19. bssunilreddy

    [For Sale] Intel Core i5 6500 @ 14k

    1. *Model number and details: Intel Core i5 6500 2. *Date of purchase: 3rd June,2016 3. Reason for sale: Upgrading to i5 6600k 4. Warranty details: 35 months warranty left 5. *Expected Price: 14k (DTDC shipping if out of Hyderabd). 6. *Location of Seller: Hyderabad, Telangana. 7. *Pictures along...
  20. R

    Upgrading my PC

    Hello, I'm going to build a new PC, and I'm future proofing it for the next 2 years. So, from what I could salvage from my old PC, I think I can exclude these from upgrading. Monitor Speakers HDD PSU CD Drive Mouse and Keyboard. What I need to upgrade is these, my budget is around...
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