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  1. Yoda

    Suggestions needed to buy a new DVD-Writer

    Hi, I want to buy a new DVD Writer (SATA). My request to suggest me a Good branded SATA DVD-Writer with Model Number. Thanks and Regards Yoda
  2. arsenalfan001

    Need an External dvd-writer

    The dvd-writer of my laptop has given up on me. And I am looking for an external dvd-writer. But I dont have much of an idea about the external dvd-writers. Please help me choosing one and tell me a good shop in Pune for the same. thank you
  3. paroh

    Suggest DVD-Writer

    Suggest a good internal DVD-Writer and price. and also the dvd writer features.
  4. kunwar

    Plz suggest me a 20x DVD-Writer !@$^#

    Hi friends, I want 2 buy a new 20x SATA DVD-Writer. I want 2 go for SATA bcoz that wud decrease the accumulation of wires in Cabinet. So,Plz suggest me the Brand & Model No. for which i should go for. Also, Mention the Estimated price of the suggested DVD-Writer.
  5. Yoda

    Benq DVD-Writer Problem. Not accepting any Media. Please Help

    Benq DVD-Writer Problem. Not accepting any Media. Please Help Hi Friends I've a Benq DVD-Writer (BenQ DW1640). For the past few weeks the Benq DVD-Writer is not taking in any disc. If I insert a Media the Benq DVD Drive it just simply ejects it. It doesn't take any media. CD-R, CD-RW...
  6. BBThumbHealer

    Big SATA DVD-Writer Problem

    Hello Guys, I m having the AsRock 915 GL Motherboard... i got for myself a Samsung 20X SATA DVD-Writer With Octoedge ( SH-S203 ) today.... Now when i plug that onto my mobo and power up the computer , the PC starts displaying vertical and horizontal white lines , and i m just stuck at the...
  7. ashstud_83

    Power req 4 the given config.

    hey guys,i just assembled a system..the config's given below...let me know the power rating of the SMPS i shud get 4 this rig...the min. required for it 2 run smoothly...thanx... Intel Core2Duo@3.14Ghz Intel 945GCCR M/B nvidia 8600GT 'Fatality' Edition(256MB) 2Gb DDR2 RAM(533Mhz)-Hynix 160GB...
  8. S

    Mounting DVD-Writer and Win NTFS partitions in Linux

    Hi, I have a SATA DVD-Writer and SATA HDD. I have installed XP, Vista and VectorLinux in the system... In Linux, the Windows partitions were not mounted automatically by VectorLinux, so I went to /etc/fstab and added lines like /dev/sda1 /mnt/winc ntfs umask=0 0 0 for each of the...
  9. A

    Liteon DVD Writer model number

    Hi There, What is the model number of Liteon Super All-Write DVD-writer that is currently in the market?
  10. jamesbond007

    What is OEM product and Boxed product

    In the November issue of Digit Agent 001 tells that Sony DVD-Writer DRU-820A is available on 2 types one that retails for some 2700+ which is Sony Boxed product and the other that retails for some 2200+ which is a loose Sony OEM product. I purchased Sony DRU-820A DVD-Writer a week ago for...
  11. H

    Which DVD-Writer To Buy.....

    Hi Everyone.... I want to buy a DVD-Writer within the next few days. Can you guys please suggest which DVD-Writer is the best one to buy... i have heard that Sony DRU 810-A is good.... but what about ASUS... are their DVD-Writer's good?? Please Help.... I Need It Quick!!!!!
  12. A

    Which dvd-writer sony dw-q120a or sony dru-820a its urgent

    Which dvd-writer should i buy sony dw-q120a or sony dru-820a ? its urgent.... please reply fast from anirudh
  13. hemant_mathur

    Sony dvd-writer dru - 810a

    I am planning on buying a new dvd- writer and my dealer told me about this Sony dvd-writer dru - 810a. Can anyone tell me about its perfomance and all ..also any other writer i should be considering ?
  14. S

    DVD-ROM or DVD-Writer

    Hi ! to all of u ! :) I would like to know whether i should prefer purchasing DVD-ROM or DVD-Writer and of which manufaturer is the Best Buy ?? Secondly, I would also like to know about the various types of DVD-writers available in the Market (Dual-layer and Single-layer ????) and what...
  15. a_to_z123

    Is it the right time to upgrade to a DVD-Writer?

    Well, I have a question? Whether this is the right time to upgrade to a DVD-Writer. I'm asking this actually coz one of my friends has recently bought a Samsung one. It is giving problems like early CD-Writers used to give. Like churning out costers for no good reasons, no multisessions more...
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