potential digit subscriber,needs help

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Broken In
i am thinking of getting a digit subscription.
i saw the offer on indiatimes about free brittanica cd.I want to know of
which year is that encyclopedia.

also please let me know that if they still provide
2 free cd's with the mag or have permanently
switched over to dvd


In the zone
1 DVD +1 CD containing a few chosen software from the DVD. A permanent switchover to a single DVD will happen anytime soon. Dunno about the Britannica CD, but u better get a DVD-ROM drive/COMBO (if got the grub) so u can continue reading Digit and enjoying the free monthly content. :) And neway CD's will be replaced by DVD's sooner rather than l8er...I guess.


Another Brick in the Wall
dude do the subscription immediatly , i think they r gonna raise the prices of the subscriptions.
they have'nt planned for complete swith over to dvd, in fact the new subscribtion also comes without dvd.


In October issues, they have an offer for the mag without CD/DVD. Its 600 for a year.


i thnk the offer u state has already expired on digit .. i dont know whether indiatimes has its own exclusive offer of givin the cd set
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