1. A

    selling psp 3000 with 8 gb memory stick 10 original CDs

    HELLO! guyz i am selling my psp 3000 1 year old used 4,5 months only! screen guard applied form day one! it contains: 8gb memory card 10 original CDs ( plus 3 games in memory card) charger (including car charger and pc charger as-well) 2 beautiful case! manual content...
  2. prttal

    Making an Audio DVD

    I am using my music system(SONY 8yrs old). It can play cds but only audio cds, not data cds with mp3 files. So, I hooked up my DVD player through the audio in so that I could play through my system simultaneously being able to use data cds and dvds. It is not connected to any screen/TV/monitor...
  3. Subro

    Please help me in buying a dvd player

    Hello guys, please help me in buying a good dvd player. I will be playing dvd's(both original & pirated), audio cd's, mp3 cd's, video cd's. I don't require a blue ray player. It should have good sound quality (if dolby digital is present, it would be great). I prefer Sony, Phillips, but if...
  4. ghantaukay

    [Want to Buy] a hi fi system

    Wanna buy a hi fi music system for about 30 K.Need karaoke and the sound should be ethereal .Should play all formats...CDs DVDs USB ipod etc.Please give some suggestions
  5. sam9953

    Not able to write DVD - RW and CD - RW

    Hi there guys, I am using a very old Pentium 4 machine and it has a Samsung DVD writer. I bought several CD - RW of Sony and a few DVD - RW. None of them is working properly, whenever I try to burn them using Nero it says "burning failed". I just have one DVD + RW and only that is working fine...
  6. sam9953

    [For Sale] Collection of VCD's and CD's

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: English Songs CD's Christmas For Children - Rs 30 Christmas Song - Rs 30 Don Moen: Give Thanks- Rs 50 Christmas with Boney M - Rs 50 English Movies VCD's Chocolate - Rs 40 America's Sweethearts - Rs 50...
  7. saurabh_1e

    Tech magazines

    Click To See The Editions I Have Prices: Digit:25/- each Digit(Special Edition):40/- each Chip with Suppliment:30/- each Fast Track:10/- each Note:DIGIT DVDs & CDs are also there for some edition which are for 10/- each(if i am able to find them) Take everything For 500/- With all...
  8. sam9953

    Old Hindi Songs CD 1970's (6 Volume Pack)

    Item name: Enchanting melodies Date of purchase: One year back Reason for sale: Not using it anymore Warranty details: No warranty available Expected Price: Rs 50 per CD Location of Seller: Rohini, Delhi Courier: Yes, using DTDC Shipping charges: As applicable Payment methods: Cash, Bank...
  9. Sarath

    [Want to Buy] CD Walkman / Player

    I want a CD player to play my collection of music CDs. I just want the old walkman but in good shape and quality. If you find links for any CD players on sale online then please let me know. I have searched for hours but not found anything. You have to post the pic of your device here. We...
  10. N

    Sending CDs across India

    What is the cheapest and most reliable way of sending CDs across India? I tried Speed Post (India post service), but they would strictly not handle any CDs or DVDs. Other courier services like first flight and DTDC charge over Rs 100. Thats too much for a CD costing Rs 50 (max). I am willing...
  11. D

    Old digit games

    Can anyoone guide me where can i find the list of games given with the CDs in Digit? I am looking for the list of games from 2001-2003.
  12. socrates

    Music labels in secret plot to kill off CDs?

    Music labels in secret plot to kill off CDs? | News | TechRadar
  13. NitrousNavneet

    XP and 7

    What is the price of Xp (prof.) and 7 (home , Prof, And Ultimate) CDs?
  14. K

    getting pc suite installed?

    Hi Guys, I have got samsung corby GT-S3653. I want to install PC suite for connecting though my computer. There are two CDs. I tried installation on my PC,but all in vain. How to install,step by step?
  15. M

    DVD drive problems

    hi, a few days ago i installed a 500 GB HDD and a 256 MB Graphics card and a 1 GB DDR 1 RAM.I did the formating myself and installed many softwares and then suddenly my DVD drive doesn't read any CDs and DVDs.i called up a technician and asked him what the problem was and he said that my...
  16. S

    Which DVD Writer is Reliable and Durable ?

    Please tell me which DVD Writer has long-life and burn sensitive Data to DVDs and CDs, which could be reliably read for long time. Thanks
  17. G

    DVD writer doesn't detect some CD's

    Hi friends, I am using LG dvd writter since 2 years. Since 1 month, it doesnt detect original CD's like antivirus CD's, CD's from magzines, motherboard CD etc., but it detects the CD's written on it or other writer:-x Dont know what is the problem. I tried to clean it...
  18. N

    Product demonstration Building(in Flash)

    Hi... I want to create a multimedia cd for displaying my products to my prospective clients. I am looking for some software which would get my work done. I would appreciate if digit mods would suggest which software they use for their cds and dvds. And friends, any software suggestions...
  19. P

    Urgent help please ( laptop not booting from cd )

    Hi all , i have Compaq610 laptop of 1 year old... recently my xp got crashed due to virus .. so i made plan to install new xp... but unfortunately my laptop not booting up from any of my xp/ windows xp cds... this cds having no prob as it working fine in all other pc... there is cd as booting...
  20. G

    DVD Writer not detecting CDs

    Hi guys. I have a Dell XPS M1530 which has a slot load drive.... Just recently I realized that it is not detecting CDs. I am able to write DVDs, read DVDs and even write CDs but the CDs can't be read! The written CDs are detected on other comps but not mine :( I have updated the BIOS to the...
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