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Indian Railways - The Vibrant and Moving INDIA
@kg11sgbg which cc no. Do you contact while complaining for fiber? It's been 3 days my net is not working because some bird bit off the line on top and now they always say they are coming in next 2-3 hrs but do not come. That airtel's cc doesn't know anything about it and the number from which the technical team calls me doesn't accept incoming calls.
Are you talking about Airtel Xstream Fiber or Alliance Fiber BB?


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Are you talking about Airtel Xstream Fiber
Xstream fiber, i contact 121 then they ask for language. I choose Hindi, when I get transferred to agent, he does not know Hindi, instead is a Tamil speaker. So maybe it's a bug in there system that on pressing Hindi option, they transfer to Tamil cc. On pressing English option, i do however get English cc.

The technician Came yesterday, some naughty pigeon had bit off the wire on the top of tower, they had to splice that. Now they had put the joint in a termination box. Let's hope no more bity-bity.


200 mbps plan airtel.


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Indian Railways - The Vibrant and Moving INDIA
Surprisingly, Speedtest by OOKLA not working for my connection???!!!
I am also on Airtel XStream Fiber Connection.


These are 4G Plans, I dont think theres unlimited 4G plan here, so yes they are data plans and the speed is what I showed above in the pic.


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This is real 4G and looking at speed, which is completely wireless, it is still worth it, considering here maximum speed is 30 Mbps at night:facepalm:


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Until arrival of Jio, 4G was pretty expensive in India. Jio sold 4G insanely cheap to gain market share and thus forced everyone else to sell cheap as well.
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