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Not as comforatble as id have liked, ears tend to heat up and after regular usage, it was filled with lint


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I have got my hands on Logitech Z-5500 5.1 THX Speakers. It has satellites speakers with completely damaged cones and need serious repairs.
They are rated for 3 inch, 69w RMS @ 8 Ohms as per on paper specification. I couldn't find any direct replacement on internet and whatever is there seems super cheap at very low RMS.
I want all drivers to get repaired while keeping everything else as stock and don't mind loosing THX signature sound.
If they are beyond repair then I would prefer buying two 8 ohm 100w rms speakers (Please advice) in good MDF box ditching all 5 satellites, I don't necessarily want 5.1 setup.
Can these be repaired without loosing 80% of their sound quality? Please advice and Where should I look for. I live in New Delhi.
Right now I am using 4" full range 12w RMS 8ohm speakers as alternative and they start getting distort above 40% volumes.
Aren't there any full range 3" drivers of 60w at 8 ohms?
I found it for super dirt cheap and can't ditch it as it has optical + coax digital inputs along with analogs. I would like to go with repairing these drivers if anything such exists.

Please refer images below.

- Good Condition

- My Speakers