Phone between 3000-4000


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Try the Sony Ericsson Cedar. At Rs 4000 you get 3G, and good headsets and also a 2GB bundled card. The interface is really neat and simple with good graphics. The nokia touch shown in the above post may not go wel with older people as I found the screen not too good. Also it has just 10mb internal memory:shock: while the cedar has 280mb. The nokia has a 65k screen while the cedar has 256k screen. The nokia software is also missing some basic things like adjusting the brightness(not sure,my friend told me this).

The samsung is good though. But I am voting for the Sony :razz:


if you can extend your budget by 900 bucks nothing of the above beats the SE cedar. Its the best phone in its price range and also the battery lasts 3-4 days easily on 2g calls...


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Which is better among the two SE Cedar or Samsung C3530 if we forget about 3G? I have heard Cedar has hang issues and its in-call volume is very low, Is this true?


even my friend bought cedar.. but it hangs often... therefore i wanted Samsung 3530 LA FLEUR edition for my mother.. can anyone tel me where can i purchase it online
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