1. chimera201

    Need a TV

    Need a TV so that my mother can watch saas-bahu serials in high definition with all the extra makeup. I don't watch TV that much but there is a slight chance that I might get a PS4 so the TV should go well with a PS4. Don't have any specific feature requirements other than being VFM. Should have...
  2. C

    Need Help

    Hello Guys, i need ur expert advice. i have a computer aprox 4 years old. config is cour 2 du Processor 4 GB ram DDR2 (2 GB x2) 1 GB graphic card Sapphire graphic card 9800gt gigabyte mother board g41 Combo and 500 GB hard Disk my main problem is my display is disappear now a days. i take...
  3. A

    Suggest a Graphics Card 6K-8K

    Hello Guys, Iam planning to play few games like GTA V, Farcry 4, Crysis (Latest One). I want to know which is the best graphics card currently in my budget 6000-8000. I just wanted to change graphics card and not my entire PC and Iam not a hardcore gamer just want to play the listed games...
  4. C

    Mother Board Died, Suggest new one

    Last week mother board in my old computer died. I need suggestions to get it working. The PC have 1 GB DDR 2 RAM. Core 2 Duo 4400 CPU. Since RAM is DDR 2 and is only 1 GB, i think i can buy a DDR3 RAM. If i get a new Mother Board, will i able to use that CPU or i have to buy a CPU too ...
  5. Zangetsu

    Boy gets SuperHero Funeral

    Very touching news :cry: A 5-year-old Indiana boy's love of Spider-Man inspired his mother to ask for a superhero funeral after he died from a brain tumor. Source: *
  6. P

    Please suggest best budget mother board for core i3

    Hi Friends..!! please suggest me best budget mother board for core i3. Somebody is saying Intel DH61WW but in respect of some user reviews it is giving trouble after some days of purchase. little bit of confused...!! Any type of suggestion will be great help. Thanks in advance...
  7. G

    Good SSD - 160 GB

    HI, I wanted to buy a 120 or 160 GB SSD for my desktop, where I can install Windows 7 for faster performance. My Mother board is GABYTE GA-880GM-USB3. Plz suggest me dest SSD with value. Thanks Sandipan
  8. R

    Suggestion neede for GPU and feedback for Asus Maximus V Gene Mother Board

    My config Processor -- core i5 3570 Motherboard -- Asus Maximus V Gene Mother Board Hard disk --- 2TB seagate (6 GB/s) RAM --- 8GB (1600) Corasir DVD --- Sony CAbinet --- Cooler Master SMPS -- cooler Master Graphics card --- NO idea pls suggest (bud 3K now after 2...
  9. R

    Difference between H77, Z77 and P series and Q series chipset Mother Board

    Hi ALL, I want to technically know about the Difference between H77, Z77 and P series and Q series chipset Mother Board . If any one knows kindly explain it in detail about each one chip set features....and want to know which series support HD graphics for...
  10. R

    Core i5 ivy 3rd generation processor and Mother Board support

    I am planning to upgrade my system. I planning to buy new core i5 3rd Generation processor and I looking for a suitable mother board for it. Main purpose I will be using vmware software and various os in it. I will not play games . I used to watch HD movies for that I am looking for good...
  11. veera_champ

    [Want to Buy] Used AM3+ MOTHER BOARD

    Want to buy a used AM3+ motherboard immediately
  12. Thetrueblueviking

    Ideal gpu for my system

    shud i buy this 128 bit GPU for my i5 3570 non k version XFX ATI Radeon HD6670 1 GB DDR5 Displayport/DVI/HDMI PCI-Express Video Card (HD667XZWF4): Computers & Accessories or this...
  13. A

    Help needed for desktop rig under 22k budget

    1.what is the purpose of of computer?what all applications and games are you going to run?(stupid answer like "gaming"or"office work"will not exact.which game?which applications?avoid the word"et cetera.") ans-downloading pics.browsing entry.pic editing.lite...
  14. V

    Kamraj-The King maker

    Can You show a single Nationalleader in India,who defy Gandhiji, still went on became President of congress party, than chief Minister of his State ? Can any one remember a man who ruled a state for nine years, and made two prime Miniser, died without paiseless..? Queen visited him, prime...
  15. N

    Upgrade for RAM/Video Card/Mother Board

    Hi, I am using a Computer with the following specifications: CPU: Intel Pentium 4(Prescott) CPU 2.40 GHz, Socket 378 mother boards Cache: L2 Cache 1024 KBytes Main Board: D845GVSR, i845G Chipset Memory: 512 MB DDR Video Card: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller the...
  16. S

    My configuration plz help me

    Hi friends i am new to this site i hope u guys will help me i am planing to buy now components for GAMING 1) processor i5-2400 (3.10 GHz )@arrount $184 -$195 mother board Intel® Desktop Board DZ68DB (media edition ) @dont know or mother boad Intel® Desktop Board DH67CL (media...
  17. vasulic

    URGENT suggest me a good motherboard.

    I have a Intel g620 processor. Pls suggest a best mother board for me which should support gaming, future processor upgrade, good heat reduction and high voltage . 1) Intel® Desktop Board DH61SA 2) asus P8H61-M LX 3) Intel - DH67CL or any other motherboard...
  18. S

    ram upgrade

    i am having g41mt-es2l mother board and i want to up grade to G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 4GB ram but i dont know will my mother board support it or not please tell me some thing what should i do and which ram i should i buy.... :flamethrower:
  19. M

    to upgrade my pc to use intel processor within a budget of 15k-20k

    this is my sys config........ AMD FX4100 processor asus M5A88-M mother board 6 gb ddr3 corsair ram coolermaster elite430 cabinet antec 550W smps seagate 1TB harddisk sapphire HD 6850 DDR5 PCI-E 1GB graphics card i cannot play crysis,prototype games so i like to upgrade my...
  20. dfcols71

    motherboard z68 market in astate of flux

    nowadays most online websites dont have gigabyte or msi z68 mother boards most commonly available motherboards z68 are asus vpro-gen3, vgen3 moreover the price of z68 motherboards have taken a beating in us market most falling to sub 200$ including asus z68 delux only ud7 mother boards are...
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