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[Praise] Philips Customer service


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I purchased Philips Aqua touch AT 890/16 electric shaver from Croma Digital on 26/6/13 and i received the product on today. It contained an offer for an additional One year warranty if the customer registers the product online. I tried to register the product, but there was no such product available on their indian version of website "www.philips.com/welcome". Then i decided to shoot a mail to their customer service (at 7.10 Pm) like this

I am from India and i wanted to register my product for the additional one year warranty offer on your website called "www.philips.com/welcome" but i am unable to register the product. There is no such product on your website. What a shame for Philips, if you are unable to update your website with your latest product details please don not provide offers for additional warranty offers to consumers. I feel cheated by Philips. If you care As your vision statement says "we will deliver superior value for our customers and shareholders" do give me a proper reply. Please do not provide me a reply "sorry please contact our service center/ customer care" because you and i know that it is not going to work. Please update your Indian website and allow customers like me to register product like AT 890/16 ( aquatouch series shaver).

Automatic reply was instantaneous and within minutes a guy called and informed me that The option to register Philips Aqua touch AT 890/16 electric shaver is up and running. So fast...:-o they really did care for their customers:cool: I am so happy for my purchasing decision now.


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That is great and really quick. my experience with philips has been good, if not excellent, most of the time.


Uh.. I posted a complaint 2 weeks ago for my LCD tv and they still don't have the part required to fix it.
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