1. S

    40+ inch Full HD LED TV under 40k

    1. Budget= 40-42k 2. Display type and size= 40+ 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor= TV 4. Ports Required= HDMI-2, USB-1 5. Preferred choice of brand=Sony, Samsung, Philips. 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration=BRAVIA KLV-40R352 7. Any other info that you want to share - I need a 40 or 40+ inch Full HD...
  2. N

    Help with 2.1 speakers

    Im confused with Philips ms4040f and f&d a510.I heard that f&d only focuses on bass rather than clarity of sound.Also philips has pmpo of 4000w whereas f&d has 5000w pmpo.Which of the 2 is the best ??
  3. Revolution

    New Battery for Philips E122

    Hi, The battery is almost dead of my Philips E122 mobile. After 2-3 hours of charge mobile can survive only for 24 hourd of standby(no call,ams etc nothing). Is it possible to get proper new battery for this model ?
  4. int86

    choose LCD TV for me micromax or philips

    Help me to choose amonge following TVs for me: Micromax one: * Philips one: * videocone ...
  5. G

    Need a good electronic shaver?

    Hello, to all of you. I need a good electric shaver, I have chosen some models, the First model is Philips AQUATOUCH 891 and second one is Philips AQUATOUCH S5050/06, Please let me know out of this which one Should I buy? GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
  6. S

    Bass heavy Headphones upto 5k ( urgent ...need to order today )

    need a bass heavy headphones for around 9k for my friend......He , like me is a huge fan of edm music and like songs of tchami , tiesto , skrillex , oliver helden. etc etc......So he wants Bass as his main priority along with voice clarity.......He is currently using Philips shl 3300 which has...
  7. Ronnie012

    Cowon Em1

    Writing this review in haste(would've liked to give it some time, but as the saying goes - Time 'n' Tide waits for none. Or does it?) Bought the cowon Em1 3 weeks back and been using it since. At first sight, Damn..the device looked cool. It's a red coloured earpiece with distinct flat cables...
  8. M

    Haier le40b7500 or onida leo40fss or philips 40pfl5059

    I am planning to buy a 40/42 inch led tv. I found HAIER LE40B7500 , ONIDA LEO40FSS , PHILIPS 40PFL5059 are in budget section. Please somebody suggest the best in terms feature,picture quality(as usual :-D),Connectivity to HomeTheatre,Laptop o/p. Pls post your valuable opinion.
  9. U

    Please suggest a 40 inch tv which costs less than 40K

    Hi, My 20 year old BPL crt tv is at the end of its life span, Hence i want to buy a new tv. Price: 35-40K needs to be Full HD Brand preference: Philips,sony or lg, samsung So far i have come across this in flipkart Reviews Philips 40PFL4958 101 cm Television - Latest Review of Philips...
  10. ithehappy

    Philips 28" 4K monitor at 599 USD!

    I guess the future of 4K is bright already, and Philips just made the pricing awesome so that everyone can get the taste. In three to four years I am seeing the FHD craze will shift to 4K, as a standard factor. Source : Philips launches affordable 28" 4K monitor for $599 - GSMArena Blog
  11. SaiyanGoku

    40-42" fhd led tv

    1. Budget? 35k (max 45k) The lesser the better 2. Display type and size? 40-42" FHD LED 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Digital Cable TV and occasional movies. 4. Ports Required? Atleast 1 HDMI, 1 USB port, standard A/V ports. VGA if possible 5. Preferred choice of brand? AOC, panasonic...
  12. varghesekiran

    To buy 5.1 Home theater

    Guys.. How is this 5.1 system ? Philips DSP 2800 Home Speaker - Philips: Anyone used this ? My primary use is to connect it to TV and DVD. Please share your reviews...
  13. I

    Steam Iron Queries

    Hello Friends! :wave: I am looking to purchase a steam iron that provides manual control, such that, a user can voluntarily press a button/nozzle to generate steam whilst ironing, as and when required. :chinscratch: I had purchased a Philips GC1905/21 Steam Iron, Philips 1900 series...
  14. 7shivam9

    Last Minute advice : On buying Budget headphones.

    Hey Digit. I'm looking for budget headphones for Loud music and Kick ass bass. I have lurked around Snapdeal and picked few - * Philips SHS390 Neckband Headphone - Buy Online @ Rs.376/- | Snapdeal * Philips SHP 1900 Headphones - Buy Online @ Rs.442/- | Snapdeal * Philips Stereo...
  15. I

    AV Receiver/ Amplifier for Philips FW V785 Speakers.

    Hi, I want to use just the 2 channel speakers of my mini Hi Fi Philips FW V785 as PC speakers output. Currently I am using 3.5mm to RCA cable to connect output of my PC to AUX input of my music system, but I find that there is a lot of coloration in the sound signature. To be honest, the...
  16. quan chi

    How many of you use trimmers?

    I am tired of using the shaving razors. Want to try something new. Are these any good? Philips BEARDTRIMMER Series 3000 QT4005/15 - beard and stubble trimmer
  17. A

    In Ear for Nexus 5 basically!

    I shortlisted Philips SHS8100 In-the-ear Headphone Price in India - Buy Philips SHS8100 In-the-ear Headphone Online - Philips: Creative EP-630 earphone In-the-ear Headphone Price in India - Buy Creative EP-630 earphone In-the-ear Headphone Online - Creative: I am...
  18. D

    Pls suggest TV 32" upto 24000 daily home use.

    I want to buy an LCD/LED 32 inch for home use NOT gaming.... 1: It must have USB and HDMI. 2: Budget: 24k MAX Brands preferred Philips, Sony, Panasonic in no particular order any other worthy brands in your opinion would be considered. PS: TV with thin borders will be nice..
  19. harshilsharma63

    How to open Philips SHP 2000

    I own a Philips SHP 2000. It's right speaker is no longer working and I need to open it to fix the cable. Does anyone know how to open it to gain access to the drivers?
  20. Knight2A4

    review of Philips Go Gear Mix, model no. sa5mxx04wf/97

    Hello Reader & Welcome to my review of Philips GoGear Mix, model no. sa5mxx04wf/97 * Prologue For a good 3 years HTC explorer was my communication/media device, Allowing me to make calls &...
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